Heyy I'm maggie cox I have been abused since I was 2 mom and dad went to jail when I was ten for doing it so I was sent to an orphanage and adopted my 1d.
I find a person at my school and start dating him but do I have feelings for Louis? Read to find out!!


12. shopping!

We got in the same order as last time. Girls in my car and the boys in the other. We went to the mall. We (girls) went to forever 21. The boys went to a store but I don't know which one. When me and the girls were done shopping we called the boys and told them to meet us at the food court. Every body got a hotdog with ketchup on it. "Hey guys? Y'all want to go swimming at the house when we get back?" I asked while I stepped into the car. "Yea!" They all said at the same time to me. We got to the house and I ran straight to the pool. I didn't feel like erring my bathing suit on. I took my top off and my shorts. I jumped into the pool with a huge splash. The girls and guys did the same. Well everybody but zayn. He couldn't swim. "Awe. Come on zayn! I'll hold u." I said. He went to the side and jumped in holding into the rail thingy. I came over to him and took his arm. Oh crap he's heavy. I started going under because he was holding on to me trying not to drown. But he was drowning me. I don't think he noticed I was under water because he didn't do anything besides scream. I was almost out if breath. My friends and family didn't notice I was drowning either until I finally stopped breathing and my body floated. I heard screams and splashes. My eyes were closed but I could hear everything. I was to weak to move. I felt somebody pick me up and I heard sirens. That's all I heard until I couldn't hear anything. Am I dead? Zach's p.o.v. After they put her on a stretcher I found a car and went straight to the hospital. I was to fast for the others so they took another car. I got to the hospital and literally yelled "where is maggie Tomlinson?" The girl at the desk started twirling her hair and tried to flirt with me but I didn't let her. When se saw that I wasn't going to flirt back he pointed to a room. I ran to it and saw maggie reading a magazine. The others were not far behind me. "Maggie? Are u okay?" I asked really worriedly. She nodded and said," the doctors said it was nothing bad I just passed out. It's not my fault zayn can't swim!" She said. The others came in and I explained to them what she said. They all had relived faces but zayn was just smirking. I pushed out of the room into the hallway. Just because he's taller doesn't mean he is stronger. "Why the fuck are u smirking?" I yelled in his face. "The truth? Ok well everybody thinks I can't swim but I can. And I didn't want to adopt maggie anyway. She is a fucking slut trying to get all of u guys turned on." He said. I was about to slap him when maggie came out if the room crying obviously because ah heard zayn. Fucking idiot!, I thought. The others stood there in shock. Louis finally came up to zayn and punched I helped him out tho. "Why didn't u tell us?" Louis yelled into his face. "Because u would beat me up..... Just like u did." He said. "Dude if u didn't want to adopt her I never would of." Louis said. Did he really say that right in front if maggie? Things are about to get ugly! Maggie was literally soaking wet because if all if her tears. "I thought u loved me as a daughter. But I obviously see u don't! The orphanage is better than this and I actually am the only person gets beat up there!" He yelled at them through sobs. Everybody was on Maggie's side beside Louis and zayn. They just left like this didn't even happen. "Oh I'm so going to kill them!" Maggie yelled running out of the hospital over to where Louis ad zayn were getting into a car. She jumped on Louis's back and pushed down zayn. She punched them every where she could. And I mean everywhere! I pulled her off of them. "It's not worth it." I said to maggie. " whatever!" She yelled getting into the car I brought here. I took her home. I picked her up out of the car. She was asleep. I laid her on her bed and turned out the lights. I went over to the couch and fell asleep to. I woke up on the couch and saw everybody on the ground besides maggie and me. Tomorrow is her birthday and I have the perfect gift. I went downstairs and heard zayn talking to Louis. "You know I love maggie and I only did that to so Zach can't have her? Right?" Zayn asked. "I didn't know u like her! But Zach is pretty interested in her and I think he going to ask her out tomorrow." Louis said. I didn't hear anymore because maggie came downstairs. I went into the kitchen where zayn and Louis were. They eyed me suspiciously. I made me and maggie some waffles. I went back into the living room where maggie was. She was watching spongebob. Of coarse. I handed her the waffles that I made for her. She ate them all in 6 minutes to be exact. It took me a little bit longer to finish mine. "Maggie can I talk to u?" Zayn said coming into the living room. "Umm.... Are u going to hurt me?" She asked really scared. "No love... I never would." He said like he didn't hurt her yesterday. "Umm.... Yea, I guess..." She answered. Zayn did his eyebrows as if asking me to leave. I left but not completely. I went outside the door. "Maggie? I really didn't mean to hurt u yesterday I was really excited about adopting u and I just wanted to know if u would like to go out after my concert tonight." He asked/said. "I'm sorry zayn but I have feelings for somebody else!! I'm really sorry!!" She answered. I'm glad he said that but I think when she said she had feelings for somebody else I think she meant me. Maybe. "Maggie get ready for the concert were going to tonight." Harry yelled through the house. She went into her room to get ready I guess.

Maggie's p.o.v.

I went into my room and took a quick shower. When I got out I put on a black sparkly shirt that showed my stomach with some white booty shorts and I grabbed my black converses. I put my hair in a high curly ponytail. I put light make up on and literally ran downstairs yelling," I'm ready!" Over and over again. Everybody were outside waiting by a limo. "Finally!" They all said. It was a pretty big group for going to a concert. *skip car ride* when we arrived me and my friends followed the boys inside the concert building thingy. We had to rush past fans. It was hard because there was a lot of negative comments but some good comments. We finally got into the building thingy and went backstage. They all went to there dressing rooms to get ready. "Zach? U wanna rub my shoulders? They hurt really bad!" I complained/asked. "Yea sure!" He answered with excitement. It was time for the boys to go on stage an we had to fucking sit back her while they preformed! They talked and said funny things especially Louis and Niall! The concert finally ended and it was about 10:00. We decided to go eat somewhere. "NANDOS!" Me and Niall yelled. Everybody laughed besides Louis. I think me and zayn are friends now but I'm not sure. We arrived at Nando's and nobody was in there except the people who work there. Niall ad I ordered almost everything on the menu. We couldn't help it we were starving! When the waiter came over I saw he looked familiar but I just couldn't point it out. He looked worried when he saw me. I have no idea why tho. He got every bodies order and practically ran to the chef. It was funny because he tripped on the way there. He came back with our food but u took him a few trips to bring everything we got. We ate our plates clean!! We got back into the limo and went home. I wasn't that tired but I was tired enough to go to sleep. I said goodnight to everybody and went upstairs. I Kai down on my bed and I was out like a light.

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