Heyy I'm maggie cox I have been abused since I was 2 mom and dad went to jail when I was ten for doing it so I was sent to an orphanage and adopted my 1d.
I find a person at my school and start dating him but do I have feelings for Louis? Read to find out!!


3. New home!!

Maggie's p.o.v.

When I saw the limo my eyes popped out of my head. I then said, I have never been in a limo!! Are u guys famouse or something?? I asked real excitedly. Umm.. Yea were the biggest boy and in this world, said curly.

All I said was oh sounding like an idiot. Then blonde said his name was Niall, curly name was harry, brown hair and blue eyes was Louis, quiff was zayn, and then just Liam. Then we were pulling into a mansion. I saw to girls with loads of make up on.. I heard screams. I saw to girls and they said there name it Victoria and Skylar. Then one of them scoffed and said, who r u?? I said, not a barbie. With that harry Niall and Louis started laughing there asses off it was hilarious watching them!! Haha lolz!!:)) ;)) So we walked in side as the too snobby girls walked off. Then Liam said they were going to take a tour around the house. They showed me around the whole house until they came into this beautiful room. Mine. It had a pink sparkly silky with green polar dots on the walls. ( yes it felt silky ) I had a desk a size of a cow!! A walk in closet!! Yaa!! And a beautiful bathroom it was huge!!! Then I felt eyes on me. It was Harry. He quickly turned away and blushed..!! Does he like me?? Why would he I'm fat.. Well at least people said that...

Harry p.o.v.

I watched maggie as she looked around her room. I just realized she was gorgeous. She turned around and saw me staring at her. I turned away quickly. Ok well u need to get ready the gurlz will be here in an hour, Louis said. What girls?? Maggie asked. Oh Liam's girlfriend, Zayn's girlfriend and Louis girlfriend r gonna take u to the mall I said. Okay she said while she went yo get ready. Me and the lads walked down the stairs to the kitchen. Umm.. Guys I need to tell you all something, u said. They looked scared because of the way I said it. Then I said, I have feelings for Maggie. I have since I laid eyes on her she is really beautiful and her personality great. Would u guys cared if I asker maggie on a date?? No I don't care mate, they replied. Great, I said.

Maggie's p.o.v.

So I went to get ready as they walked downstairs. I got a towel and stripped off my clothes and got in and out really fast. When I got out I picked out something to where. U picked a white crop top that has nerd written across it. Then I got a pair of black shorts and threw them on. I ran to the bathroom to put make up on. I put lipgloss and a little mascara on , dried my hair , and went downstairs. I heard harry say, would u guys care if I asked maggie on a date?? Then they replied no I don't care. Then harry said great! walked in the kitchen and said, y-you like m-me?? He turned around shocked and started blushing. I ran upstairs slammed my door and wondered why I was mad. I didn't know. Then I remembered how I looked into Louis' big blue eyes. Then it hit me. I like Louis. I heard a soft knock on the door then harry said, let me explain. I led him to my bed closing my door behind us. Look maggie, he started, I do like u. I do have feelings for u but I can't help it. You r really beautiful, he ended. Then I started explaining, I know u can't help it harry. It's not that I don't like u it's that I have- he cut me off by kissing me I ran downstairs as fast as my short legs can take me. I quickly found the guys and started explaining when I finished harry was walking downstairs. He tried to come over to me but I hid behind Louis. Mate she doesn't want to talk to u right now, Louis said. Hold on let me ask her one thing real quick. Please!! Louis looked at me and I nodded. Harry said, why did u pull away from the kiss he asked. He saw anger coming up in me and he backed up. WHY DID I PULL AWAY ?? OH IDK. MAYBE CAUSE I LIKE SOMEONE ELSE BUT U WOULDNT KNOW CAUSE U CUT ME OFF BY KISSING ME, Dumb ass!! I yelled!! He ran up to his room and started crying. I didn't notice I was crying until someone wiped my cheek. We all sat down at a table ( besides harry ). I was crying into Niall and Louis' shoulders. Then three beautiful woman walked in!

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