Heyy I'm maggie cox I have been abused since I was 2 mom and dad went to jail when I was ten for doing it so I was sent to an orphanage and adopted my 1d.
I find a person at my school and start dating him but do I have feelings for Louis? Read to find out!!


17. leaving..

I woke up and Zach wasn't beside me. Last night I found out that Lexi am Zach are going on tour with me!! I went downstairs and saw Liam making pancakes for everyone! Yay!!! I went over to him and kissed him on the cheek. I ate some pancakes. They were really GOOD!! I saw Zach watching tv on the living room with the others. Lexi was on the floor playing with her phone. "Zach? Can u help me with my luggage? Please!!!!" I asked really babyish. He nodded and followed me upstairs to my room to get my suitcases. Thy were really heavy so Lexi helped us. We were going to the red carpet tonight so I was going to buy a dress when we go to the recording studio the boys are working at. Lexi and Zach put my stuff in the trunk then went to go get there luggage. Alyssa came out of the house and running to me. "Maggie I have to tell u something!!" She whispered. I nodded as got in the limo where only we can hear each other. I put my eyebrows up to tell her to go on. "Well me ad Niall kind of.... U know... And he got me pregnant!" She said really worried. I was worried to my baby I due in two months!! "It okay we can get trough this together!!" I said trying to make her and myself a little less worried. She nodded and went inside to get her stuff. Everybody came out at the same time and got stuck in the door. I laughed my ass off! I was to buy laughing to help them so Paul got out of the limo and helped them get out of the door. I was laughing so hard I was rolling on the ground. "It's not that funny!!" Niall said with a pouty face. I stuck out my lip and ran to the limo. Everybody got in and we headed off to the airport. I later my back in Zach's lap. My feet in Perrie's. And my bum in Zayn's. Zayn looked a little uncomfortable with my bum on him. Oh well.we arrived at the airport and I ran straight to the jet so I didn't have to carry anything. I didn't want to be a brat I was just really tired. I went to sleep on the floor. It was really comfortable. I woke up a few hours later and every body was watching tv. Spongebob was on. Haha!! I didn't judge them tho because I love spongebob!! I went into the kitchen part area on the jet. I looked through the cabinets and finally decided I wanted a banana. I brought one back to where everyone was and I ate it. I looked at Alyssa and nodded. Se knew what that meant. She was about to tell Niall that se was preggy.she went to a different room. I turned my head back to the tv and watched for another half hour until we started landing. I grabbed on to Zach because I don't like the landings. He giggled when I clutched his shirt. I glared at him and he stopped. We finally landed and I was getting out of the jet with my suitcases on my back. I ran to the tour bus I was staying in. The girls are in one and then boys are in one. I got in the bus and waited for the other girls. Paul was driving this bus. I don't know who was driving the other bus. We arrived at a studio and all of the boys including Zach got out of there bus and went inside the building. I pulled Alyssa and Lexi in the room so my mom Perrie and Danielle can't hear us. "I'm really worried!!" I said. They knew what I was talking about.i was talking about my baby. Alyssa looked worried to. Alyssa told Lexi that she was pregnant. Lexi didn't look shocked at all. She probably new this was coming. I decided I was going to go get my dress for the red carpet now. "Come on girls were going shopping for our dress tonight!" I said. "Mom were going shopping!" I yelled through the bus. I heard an ok then we left in a taxi to get to the mall. I payed the taxi guy then walked into the mall with the girls beside me. Some girls walked by calling me and Alyssa sluts for being pregnant. How did thy know Alyssa is pregnant? Oh well! We walked in forever 21 and bought dresses. We were the only ones in the store so that's good. I found a dress that went all the way down but it was cut by my right knee ad down. It was gold and really sparkly. I went to go try it on and it fit perfectly. I saw Alyssa with a strapless black dress that went down to her knees. Lexi was wearing a gray dress and it went all the way down. It was really puffy to. We went and payed for our dresses and left the mall. We were on our way back to the bus when someone jumped out of nowhere and kissed me. It was Austin. How was he in London? He is a really big creep. Then I saw flashes. Oh shit!! I got out of Austin's grip and ran all the way to the bus.

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