Heyy I'm maggie cox I have been abused since I was 2 mom and dad went to jail when I was ten for doing it so I was sent to an orphanage and adopted my 1d.
I find a person at my school and start dating him but do I have feelings for Louis? Read to find out!!


7. hospital....

Maggie's p.o.v.

I saw nurses coming out of a room and taking me in it. Louis was running to get me but they put there hand up doing the stop signal so he had to go sit back down. Danielle and Perrie came. When they saw me they started crying. I had to have surgery. This is my first time having surgery so I'm scared. What if I wake up in the middle if them working?? It's so scary!! They took me into a dark room and put in white masks. This woman went to get some medicine to make me go to sleep. When she got back she put it in my mouth and I began too feel sleepy.

Harry's p.o.v.

I feel so bad!! I wish we were at a private beach. Then she would never be hurt."lads? Do u think she will be okay??" I said. "Of coarse mate." They all said. "Guys? Do u think maggie should go to school when she gets out if the hospital?" "Duh!!!" We all said to Louis. Then a nurse came out of the room maggie was in. "Maggie is okay. She just got a busted eardrum from all that screaming. But we fixed it." The nurse said. Maggie came out off the room and ran to us. "I'm so glad I can hear again!" Maggie said. We went back to the house. "Maggie I have some great news for you!!" Louis said. We all knew what it was. "What is it?" Maggie asked excitedly. "You're going to school Monday." Louis said. Today is Saturday. "You call that good news?" She asked. "Yup!!" We all said. She just huffed and said ok. "Oh yea and were going to a club tonight. So u need to act 18." Louis said. She looked surprised and shocked. "Yay!" He said excitedly. She went to go get ready since we're leaving at 9:00 and it's 8:15.

Maggie's p.o.v.

I went to take a quick shower. When I got out I put a pair of really short shorts on and a black sparkly tank top. I curled my hair and put a little make up on. I put on a pair if sandles. And went downstairs. It was now 9:07. We got in a taxi and went to the club. We got there and showed a guy out ID to get in the club. We went in and started dancing. I was dancing with Danielle and Perrie. "Hey maggie! U wanna drink?" I think Louis said. "Hell yea!" I replied. He went to go get me a beer. He came back with four bottles. He handed to us girls and kept one for himself. "Thx!" We all said to Louis. Then I'm different song came on. "Oh yea!!" I screamed. I went to middle off the dance floor an started shaking my ass off. A boy came up behind me and dancing with me. When the song was over I looked over at Louis. He looked jealous?!?! "It's time to go." Louis said. "But we just got here!" everyone whined. "Well Maggie shouldn't even be here. She's to young!" He replied. "You know u don't gave to treat me like I'm a little kid. Right?" I asked. "Well maybe u should just stop acting like one!" He replied with anger. I was about to go off at him but Niall noticed and stopped me. "LET GO OF ME!!" I yelled in his face. "Calm down." He said. "Then tell Louis to stop treating me like a kid!" I said. "Yea Louis? U r kinda treating like Maggie a baby." Liam said. Louis eyes shit open at that. I knew things were about to get bad so I called 2 taxis to come pick us up. We got back home and I ran to my room thinking about what just happened. Does Louis like me? He can't he is my adoption dad. I fell a asleep thinking. About Louis. I woke up the next morning m took a shower. I put on blue jean hurts and a pink crop top that said, awesomeness! I curled my hair and went downstairs. "Good morning!" Everybody said. "Maggie can I talk to u?" Louis said. "Yea sure." I replied. I thought he was going to ask me out but he didn't. "We are going to America and your going to go to school there."Louis said. " okay." I said back to him. We walked downstairs and he told me to go pack. I packed all my clothes, my bread spread, my mirror, and my books. I grabbed a little bag and put my phone, the harry potter books, and my headphones in it. I walked down stairs an said, "I'm ready." "Let's go!!" Niall shouted like an idiot. We drove in a limo to our private jet to get to America. We got on the plane and sat on the couch and chairs. We talked for a few minutes then I decided to go to sleep. I Laid down on Niall's abs.

Zayn's p.o.v.

We landed in America and I saw that Maggi was still asleep. I picked her up bridle style and put her and my luggage on my back. We arrived at a house in a cab we drove in. U walked inside and set Maggie in a random room and set her stuff down on her bed. I went to another room and went to sleep.

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