Heyy I'm maggie cox I have been abused since I was 2 mom and dad went to jail when I was ten for doing it so I was sent to an orphanage and adopted my 1d.
I find a person at my school and start dating him but do I have feelings for Louis? Read to find out!!


14. hospital... again...

By now everybody is awake. And it was lunch time. " hey maggie do you want to go to the park?" Zach asked. Duh I wanted to. "Yea!" We walked to the park and had a picnic. We decided to feed the geese that were there with bread. "Maggie let's go swing!!!" Zach whined because I didn't want to. "Okay okay!! I'm coming!!" I said getting frustrated. He went to the only swing that was open. He gestured me to his lap. I sat on his lap and we swung gently. He tarted singing,all that matters, by Justin beiber. He was really good at singing. His voice was so calming and soft. When he finished he picked me up an ran to the deck by the lake. "Please don't do it!!" I screamed as he held me over the water. He was about to drop me in the lake when I pulled him in too. "That isn't fair!" He said beginning to fake cry. "Awe baby!!" I said trying to act like I care. We swam for a few hours until we wanted to get out and swing again. We swung for a little bit. He started leaning down to kiss me. I leaned up but when we were that close I ran away. "Baby come back!!" Zach yelled after me. "Never!!" I yelled back. I ran out in the road making sure there were no cars. It was really dark outside! He came chasing after me yelling for me to come back. "Never in your wildest dre- I was cut off by a car hitting me making me fly over the roof of the car. I think Zach called the ambulance because all I could see were flashes. Until everything went black. Zach's p.o.v. When I saw maggie getting hit and flying over the roof of the car I called the ambulance and ran over to her. The bitch that did this didn't wen stop they just kept going. The ambulance reached the park and told me I couldn't go to the hospital until tomorrow. Really? I went home crying my eyes out. When I got there everybody kept asking why happened and why isn't maggie with me. I just ran to the bathroom. I got in there and washed my face off. Then I noticed something over the toilet. It was a pregnancy test. It was Maggie's. I made maggie preggy and she didn't tell me? She might die today and kill he baby to! This is all my fault!! I ran to the family room where everyone was. I explained what happened then ran to my room. I fell asleep. I had school tmr but I can't go knowing that maggie might die! I woke up the next morning to the smell of pancakes! I ran downstairs and ate every single one. I eat when I'm depressed or stressed. Drew came downstairs an yelled at me for eating all the pancakes Danielle made. I decided to go to the hospital with Danny because I needed to see maggie!! Everybody else went in taxis. We got to the hospital and u ran out of the car and into the hospital. "Where is maggie Tomlinson??" I screamed when I reached the hospital. A doctor pointed to a room and I ran to it. I saw maggie looking perfectly fine. Well that's weird! "Maggie? I thought u were hurt! How did u get fixed so fast?" I asked maggie. "I just hurt my leg. It didn't hurt that bad either. I'm used to it." She said. That almost made me cry because she was used to it. "So your okay?" I asked. She nodded. "I'm just waiting for the doctor to say I can leave."I was relived but felt bad at the same time. "Maggie? Why didn't u tell me u were pregnant?" I asked probably sounding to suspicious. She looked really worried. "Look Zach I only found out yesterday and I was going to tell u I ju-the doctor was liked in. "U can leave when your ready miss.tomlinson." He said and left. Maggie got up and went to the bathroom to change. She got out of the bathroom and we went to Danny's car to leave. Everybody else already went home. Maggie's p.o.v. I was really badly hurt I just didn't want to make Zach pity me. We jumped in Danny's car and went home. Me and Zach got home and went to the living room to watch tv. Spongebob was on and we watched that. I started getting cold. "I'm going to get a blanket." I told Zach. He nodded and I went to my room to get a blanket. I saw everybody talking in there besides Hailey, Zach, my sister, and one direction. "I'm only using maggie for fame. And to date Louis!!" Ally said. Everybody nodded and said hey were to. "GET OUT IF MY DAMN HOUSE!!" I yelled at them. Thy all looked shocked but they didn't move. "I SAID GET OUT OF MY DAMN HOUSE, BITCHES!!" I yelled. They looked so scared I thought they were going to cry. "Maggie lo- I cut Danny of. "HOW COULD U? GOW COULD ANY OF U?!?!" I yelled. This time they jumped out the window and ran. I ran downstairs to meet Zach who was standing up looking worried. "GET OUT!!" I yelled at Zach. "Woah babe! Why?" Zach looked really worried and scared. "BECAUSE YOUR USING ME FOR FAME!" I yelled in his face. He started crying and left. I had no true friends besides my dad, Zayn's, and Liam's girlfriends. I went in the kitchen and saw them talking. They stopped when they saw me. I broke down crying. They came over to me and helped me up. I explained to them what happened. I think Eleanor was about to cry. "Maggie u need some sleep then I can go to school tomorrow." Liam said. I nodded and went upstairs to my bedroom.

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