Technology love

She was a girl who met the perfect guy online but he's not who he says he is


1. love at first click

Ty's pov

"I'm not comfortable with this."

"Yeah well your doing it anyways your 18 Ty and you've never even tried to get a boyfriend!"

"Grace please don.."

"Shush!!! There your profiles up!"

Name: Tyler Marie Jackson

Age: 18

Likes: sci fi movies, 90s punk pop, bright neon colors, food

Dislikes: shopping, dresses, gossip, drama

"Oooooh someone's already messaged you!"

nialls pov

"Really mate? A girl who's username is antisocialite doesn't sound like a good idea."

"Liam! A fellow food lover! Who seems so down to earth! What could be better?!"

"Whatever Niall it's your life."

"She's hot so it's okay!"


"It's okay Liam"



Ty's pov

"OMG Ty!"


"Hi? Really just hi?!"

"What's wrong with that that's what he said?!"

"You really are the most boring person ever!"

You really are the worst friend ever sometimes like now I want to strangle you...

"Thanks grace."

"Click on his profile!"

Name: Andrew Dirk

Age: 19

Likes: music, food, friends

Dislikes: rumors, mean people

"He is cute!"

"Go home!"


Now that she's gone I can apologize to this poor guy and forget all of this. I smiled to myself.

"Your so pretty... I hope you don't mind me saying that.."

No ones ever said that before.. Maybe I can stick with this.

"Thank you Andrew. That's so kind of you to say."

"Drew. And I'm only speaking the truth."

"Your so much nicer than I expected...."

"Well Tyler, not everyone on a dating sites a douche canoe. I'm not and neither are you."

"Ty. And I guess your right."

"Ty... That's pretty where are you from?"

"Ireland. You?"

Nialls pov

"She's from Ireland guys!!!! She's perfect!!!!!"

"America.. You know that one guy from the band one directions from Ireland to.. You ever met him?"

"No I don't really like them.. They're okay at the most. I don't see the big deal with them though they're no simple plan or bowling for soup."

"And perfectness deflated!" "Whooooosh!"

"Harry stop it."

"No Liam it's fine. He's jealous. I found a beautiful sweet girl that speaks her mind before he did!"

"That hates who you really are!"

"She doesn't hate me! She wouldn't! She just doesn't care for our music. It's not her style."

"Your impossible Niall. This isn't going to end well. She's going to find out who you really are and hate you for lying to her."

"No she won't! She'll have already fallen in love with me!"

"Whatever man.. See ya."

"You'll see!"

"So Ty you like simple plan and bowling for soup?"

"Yes! So much! What do you listen to?"

"I like..."

I don't know what to say. Ugh I'm an idiot. Do I lie?

"I like them too."

"What's your favorite song by each?"

Crud. I don't even have a clue who they are.

New tab

Songs by bowling for soup

Okay this one sounds good..

"I like bowling for soups girl all the bad guys want"

"Me too!!!!!!!!!!! What about simple plan?"

"Welcome to my life."

"Eh I prefer I'd do anything that ones too depressing."

"I like I'd do anything too!"

"You are actually really cool maybe we could actually meet up one day..... Irl?"

"That'd be amazing."

Oh shit... I can't let her find out..

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