You Found Me

Katie Mark is a highschool girl bullied by her crush Liam Payne. No friends and her dad is a terrible drunk. What will happen when she's kidnapped by Harry Styles a guy whos always loved her? Shes hates him always have but doesn't know about always will.


3. what the fudoodle cakes?!

Katie's P.o.v

I'm running in the forest. Wait who's chasing me? A hooded figure, i cant tell who he is. Oh no he's getting closer! I kick my feet faster hoping to lose him, but my feet... They're not running anymore, there walking? C'mon what the hell is going on?! "No Let me go!!!" I try to say but no words come out then i see his face.... Niall? Ok now i know this is a dream. Holy sh*t he just turned into Zayn... Ok now hes Liam.. Ohmygosh Louis now.. Harry!

I wake up fast, drenched in sweat. Panting and tears on my cheeks. I look around the room im in.... Wait what happened to me? Ermmm i was walking home... And thats it... Right? OH NO!!! Harry kidnapped me!

"Wtf?!" I say standing up but failed.. I tried again but this time it worked... I walked over to the door, not locked! Yes what a dumbass haha yes!

I walk downstairs, looking for an exit.. Where's the back door? Oh a front door!

"Yes ok walk faster Katie, walk faster." I whisper very quietly while tip toeing to the front door. Yes im here! I slightly opened it, when suddenly it slams shut. Im spun around by two strong hands and shoved against the door.

"Where do you think your going beautiful?" Harry says while tightening his grip on me.

"Well i was trying to run away dumb ass." I say while whimpering quietly.

"Oh now your gonna be rude?!" He yells in my face. "Dont worry i have something for that." He says smirking. Wait what?

"Wait Harry what are yo-" im cut off when he throws me over his shoulder i scream and kick but its no use. He throws me onto a chair, i stand up, but he forces me back down, he grabs my wrists and duct tapes them to the arms of the chair, he bends down to tie my ankles but i kick him in the face. He stands up and grunts, looks away then bends back down again, i see blood trickling out his nose and i giggle at my work.

When he finishes he takes duct tape and puts it across my mouth. He goes in the kitchen, and starts to make lunch. 15 min later He comes back out with a grilled cheese sandwhich and a glass of orange juice he picks up the chair im in and carries me over to the table he set up.

I scream as he rips the duct tape off of my mouth, a tear slips out of my eye but before it can get across my cheek Harry wipes it away.

"Get away from me." I say in a low voice.

"Listen im sorry, but ok.... I've liked you for, forever! But no one likes you obviously, but i dont know how to put this... I did this for you Katie." He says while cutting the duct tape off my wrists and ankles. When he finishes three sec. Later i talk back

"No you didn't Harry! You did this for you, what good is this even bringing me?!" I yell standing up, he starts walking towards me and backs me up against the wall and puts both arms on either side of my head. I look away, avoiding eye contact.

"I know what your dad does to you, and i dont like it! So your mine... Forever. Now eat." He says while grabbing my wrists and pushing me into the chair again.

"I'm not hungry." I say with clenched teeth, i really am but he probably poisoned it.

"Babe your hungry, i watch you eat at school everyday. C'mon eat up." He says while chuckling.

"Ya know your a freaking creep." I say bluntly

"No I'm not, i just know whats mine." He says while running his fingers across my jaw, i flinch at the contact.

"Stop saying I'm yours, bc I'm not." I say looking at him to show im serious. I stand up and walk away, he follows closely behind my feet.

"Oh and just so ya know, kidnapping is still illegal, so you cant 'keep' me forever." I say knowingly.

"I know babe, but i love you and I'm going to protect you from everything, so im willing to take that risk." He says kindly while wrapping his strong arms around my waist and pulling my back to his chest. I turn myself around and push my hands to his chest to create some distance, he slowly bends down and try's to kiss me but i struggle really hard and slip out of his grip.

I run to the front door, but Harry slams into me.... I hit my head and fall down his steps. I see black dots dancing around my eyes. Then everything goes dark.

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