You Found Me

Katie Mark is a highschool girl bullied by her crush Liam Payne. No friends and her dad is a terrible drunk. What will happen when she's kidnapped by Harry Styles a guy whos always loved her? Shes hates him always have but doesn't know about always will.


1. My Sad Intro.

Katie's P.o.v

"Wake up!" I hear my dad scream through the door of my room. Ok Here's some bio about me. My names Katie Mark. Im 17, 5'5, i weigh 124 pounds,i have wavy dark brown hair, no acne, a nice complection, and annoying poo brown eyes, uhm my mother died in a plane crash when I was 14, i have a drunken father that beats the shit out of me, I'm bullied badly, i like to think im a nice fashionable person. Oh and i really like food. So um yeah here's were it all begins.

I wake up. Take a quick shower. I get changed into skinny jeans, a moon phase sweater with a grey collar under, put on my black socks, slip on my grey TOMS, and let my long wavy, dark brown hair down. I hurry out the house before my dad wakes up again. Ok first off, i hate school, the teachers, the students, and lastly school itself. I'm bullied by my crush and his annoying posse, his name is Liam Payne. I've known him since grade two, but he's always hated me. I don't know why. I don't have any friends either, he's got the entire school to against me.

*At School*

"Ew look at Katie Mark today!" Jessica Rowles snarls as i hurry to my locker. "So whore hows your day?" Jason Michaels snaps at me while he pushes me harshly against my locker.

I try to walk away but he grabs my wrist i wimper out in pain as he digs his nails into my arms.

"J-jason please s-stop your hurting me" i say not making eye contacting.

"Oh hello Katie!" Liam booms as he strolls over with his girlfriend Asia. Ok listen she's a total slut her boobs hang out of her shirt and she doesn't wear a bra, her shorts are three sizes to small and she cakes her face in make up. ITS DECEMBER FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!!

Liam and Asia start sucking face right in front of me, Liam pulls away and walks up to me while shoving Jason away. He harshly grips my arms, i start to cry because the pain is unbearable.

"Dont be a f*ucking sissy!!!" He spits in my face as he throws me to the ground and kicks me in my stomach. He takes my book bag off and empties all of my stuff on me. He smirks and walks away in triumph. I put my things back in my book bag. And go to first period Science. I sit next to this guy Zayn, he's really smart, and kinda cute but he hates me too, but only because i copy off his papers all the time.

"Hey um, did you do last nights homework?" He whispers.

I look around wondering who hes talking too, "Yes Katie Mark im talking to you!" He whispered rather loudly.

"Oh um y-yeah i uh i did, do you need to copy?" I asked rather astonished. He always does his home work. And he never talks to me. Wow.

"Yes thankyou so much!" He says gratefully.

"Glad to help." I say happily. This is really the first time in two months I've talked to someone who was being kinda nice to me. Im so happy!!!

"Here you go, and i like your sweater!" He says nicely while winking at me. Moon phases... Hes a science geek. How ironic. First period flys by, and now its fourth period, i have this class with Liam. He stalks into the room, i quickly try to find a seat before he does, i end up sitting with David Ashton. He's really hot, but is a major player. Liam sits at the table behind us. I gasp as i feel a cold hand rubbing up my thigh, i give David a death glare and pinch his hand. He smirks and puts his arm around my waist. I raise my hand and ask to move but Mrs. Castro wont let me cause shes evil. I turn around and see Liam staring angrily at David's hand on my waist.

"David quit!" I spat at him rudely.

"Oh I like a little fight." He says smirking and pulling me closer to him. I put my hand at his chest to put as much distance between us as possible. Liam looks pissed, hes red in the face and shooting daggers at David. I wimper loudly when David clutches my arms tightly.

"QUIT DAVID!!!" Liam yells.

"Mr. Payne! You have detention Friday night, along with Ms. Mark and Mr. Ashton!!!" The evil woman yells angrily. Liam cools off as David loosens his grip, but doesn't let me go. I struggle when he starts to kiss my neck, in freaking class, this teacher is 1,000 yrs. old and were seated in the back. Im so screwed.

"David, let me go." I whisper

Liam comes crouching over to me, i gasp loudly as he pulls me out the seat and onto the floor. He orders me to sit in his chair. Which i gladly do. I give him his stuff and he throws me mine. So now David's pissed at me and Liam. And im kinda scared.

"Thank you" i whisper to Liam.

"You owe me b*tch." He growles. I think our relation ship is finally growing.... Not.

After all that i hurry to Math, the horror story come to life. The up part is that Mrs. Cox Hates me so she seats me in the back, therefore she doesn't ever call on me. Oh and this guy Harry Styles sits next to me but i hate him to death hes so mean, annoying, demanding, and rude. Ugh he drives me insane.

"Ok class, i have a math project!" Mrs. Cox yells across the class. "And i will be assigning partners!" She says happily while the entire class groans in annoyance.

"Ok Jessica, and Steven! Jacob, and Michael! Katie and Harry!" Wait what... I look over at Harry and he just grins. F*ck hes got it in for me. Ugh im so scared right now. After class i run to my locker to get my stuff for English. I see Harry waiting at my locker for me, someone please shoot me now!

"What do you want Styles?!" I say rudely.

"You." He says smirking

Hellloooo fellow readers haha my name is Taylor, i hope you like my fan fiction so far, um yeah please like it up if you want more :*

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