You Found Me

Katie Mark is a highschool girl bullied by her crush Liam Payne. No friends and her dad is a terrible drunk. What will happen when she's kidnapped by Harry Styles a guy whos always loved her? Shes hates him always have but doesn't know about always will.


2. My Long Walk Home.

Katie's P.o.v

After the incident in fourth period and fifth period, i was kinda exhausted, i went to the back of the school to let off some steam and just screamed. Loudly. Niall Horan the school cutie ran outside.

"Are you ok? Are you hurt?!" He said twisting me around to see if anything was injured.

"Im fine just letting off some steam." I reassured him while letting his hands off mine. He kinda just stood there, i looked up and was a bit taken back... Niall Horan the school cutie ran to me to check if i was safe.

"Uh i-i-im Katie M-mark you might know me." I said trying not to make eye contact.

"And im Niall Horan pleased to meet you.. I've never seen you around, are you new?" He questioned shaking my hand.

"I've known you since grade five." I said a bit angry. I started to walk away but he pulled me back by my waist.

"No wait im sorry!" He said kinda pleading, while turning me around but still holding me.

"No really its under stand able i dont have any friends, and I'm bullied so why should you know me?" I said rudely while pushing him by his chest to get away.

"Hey stop, im your friend!" He yelled but i was already inside.

Liam's p.o.v

Ugh that b*tch is gonna get it! Why the hell did i get so jealous when he touched her like that. No Liam get you feelings together.

Katie's P.o.v

After running into Niall Horan... I went to lunch and got a cheeseburger, yogurt, carrots, Choco milk, salad, bought two cookies, and juice. Yummm. I sat down outside at an empty bench. I ate my lunch, and walked to English the last class of the day and my personal favourite. Mainly because we have permanent seats and i was put next to Louis Tomlinson hes such a sweet guy! I use to think he had a crush on me but he acts the same way with everyone. He looked sad today though.

"Hey Lou you ok?" I asked kindly

"I'm devastated, my girlfriend broke up with me!" He yelled in my face.

"Oh Louis im so sorry." I said rubbing his back. He took my hand and kissed it and then i hugged him lightly.

"Hey Lou if you ever need anything im here for you okay, anytime." I said while turning a way slowly.

"Thank you Katie." He said showing a fake smile.

Today class was awfully boring, i fell asleep -_-.

"Ms. Mark?!" Mr. Richard yelled across the class. "What is the answer?" He said pleasingly.

"Ughhhh its uh-" Louis cut my off by whispering "C" "C the answer is C!" I exclaimed, Mr. Richard looked away, bellowing in anger.

"Thanks Lou." I whispered.

"Anytime babe." He whispered back.... Babe? He just called me babe, that was a first. The bell finally wrang, so i went to my locker, and just threw all my stuff in it. I then started to walk home.all of a sudden It started pouring like crazy, lightning and thunder every where... Just my luck.

I was about two miles from home when a car pulled up.

"Get in." An all too familiar voice said sternly. Ugh, is it that block head Harry? Damn it... It is why couldn't it be a murderer?

"No leave me alone." I said walking a tad faster.

"Katie get in the car!" He yelled through the passenger window.

"F*ck off Harry!!!" I screamed angrily. He jumped out the car and ran around the front.

"Harry let me go!!!" I yelled as he roughly threw me over his shoulder, i smacked and punched his back as he threw me in his car. He locked it and ran around the front and got in. I attempted to get out, but he yanked my arm towards him and i was all bent over the middle councel. I was a good two inches from his face.

"Stop your hurting me." I said while whimpering lightly.

"Or what?" He said whispering into my ear, i felt his hot breath against my ear as goosebumps went all the way down my spine, he smirked and pushed me back in my seat.

"W-why are you d-doing this?" I asked nervously while my teeth chattered from being all cold.

"I don't know right now, but me and you are going somewhere far when we leave my house." He answered while grabbing a tight hold of my hand.

"Harry please stop, i dont understand how you've found a sudden interest in me" i muttered.

"Who said im interested in you?!" He yelled angrily, while looking over at me.

"Listen Harry i dont know why you hate me, but seriously f*ck off, i get it you hate me, because im an ugly,fat,stupid,worthless,whore with no social life and im hated so why make it oblivious to everyone else?" I questioned sadly.

"Katie, your none of those things!" He shouted at me.

"Oh really?! You've called me all those names since grade eight!!!!! Harry i dont think you understand that once your called something bad for a long time you start to believe it." I whispered that last part, and started crying. He got out the car and ran around the front. He unlocked my door and pulled me out. It was still pouring so we were soaked to the bone. Harry pushed me against the side of the car, he grabbed my face and roughly smashed his lips onto mine, i didnt dare kiss back though "Kiss me back". Harry whispered against my lips. I struggled against him, as he grabbed hold of my waist and started to kiss down my neck.

I put my small hands to his chest and tried to push him away but he was to strong. "H-Harry stop i-it!" I yelled over the rain.

"No Katie!!! I dont think you realize but i love you, i always have and i always will!" He yelled right back. I looked away and cried some more. "No h-harry please st-stop?!" I yelled, he looked me in the eyes and brought a white rag out his back pocket... Oh no. "Harry n-" i was cut off by the ugly chloroformend rag. "Just breathe, it'll all be over soon i promise." He whispered. Then everything went black.

So how did Y'all like this chappie?! Hehe yeah i added a bit extra hehe well i hope you enjoy the next chappie like if you would like more :)

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