Cute together

Sydney an ordinary 18 year old girl. Until she runs into Niall Horan and I mean literally runs into him.


7. the date

Sydney's POV

I finished curling my hair and looked in the mirror and faith and I. I have my hair curled with light makeup. I'm wearing a strapless short black dress with blue heels and clutch. Faith has wavy hair and light makeup but red lipstick. She is wearing a strapless red dress that ends at mid thigh with nude heels and clutch.

Faith's POV

We were all ready when the doorbell rang. We both walked down the stairs and answered the door. There stood Harry Styles and Niall Horan! Harry looked sooo hot, OMFG!! His hair, eyes, smile, dimples, and.... I realized I was staring when he said "take a picture it would last longer". I blushed and said "ok". I pulled out my iPhone and said "say, cheese!" He smiled and posed a couple of times while I took pictures. This night already seems like it is gonna be perfect.

Harry's POV

Once she opened the door I knew I liked her. From her smile to her body to her humor. She is perfect! I don't even know her name now I feel like a dick. "I forgot to ask but what is your name?" I asked her. "My name is Faith." She responded. "Let's all get in my car so we can go to the club." I said. As we walked to the car and I put my hand on the small of Faith's back. Tonight will be great!

Niall's POV

I can tell Harry has his eyes on Faith. They would be a good couple. They already mesh well together. Once we got in the car we pulled away and headed for the club. Once we got there Liam parked. I helped Sydney out of the car and intertwined our fingers together. (They fit perfectly together.) she squeezed my hand an we walked inside. Once we showed our IDs and got inside we walked to the bar and Sydney ordered a "sex on the beach" I just got a beer. Harry and Faith were already dancing so I sat down and started talking to Sydney. Once we had a couple of drinks we went to dance. It was really hot so Sydney and I left to get some air.

Sydney POV

We started dancing but too many people so we left for fresh air. We started walking and saw a bench so we sat down. We started talking and were sitting really close. We leaned in and started kissing. Then his tongue grazed my bottom lip asking for entrance and then we started to make out. Just when we were making out his phone rang and we both jumped. He checked to see who it is and it is Liam.

Liam's POV

I was worried one minute Niall and Sydney are laughing at the bar then they disappear the next. I decided to call him. He answers and told me that him and Sydney were at a bench outside because it was too hot inside. I was realized then said bye and went back to talking to Louis.

*i have nothing against Perrie I just wanted to add drama!!*

Zayn's POV

I was sorta bummed about me and Perrie breaking up about 2 weeks ago. I am starting to feel lonely. Then I turned around and saw this really hot girl. I walked over to her and she said he name was Alex. We started talking and one thing lead to another and we started making out. I pressed her into the wall and she wrapped her legs around me. I whispered "my house?" She smiled into the kiss so I took that as a yes. We left the club and got into a taxi an started driving to my flat. I texted Liam to tell him where I was going he said ok.

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