Cute together

Sydney an ordinary 18 year old girl. Until she runs into Niall Horan and I mean literally runs into him.


1. strange encounters?

Sydney's POV:

I walked out the door already late for my internship at the recording studio. I was rushing so I grabbed my cappuccino and ran. I lived only 2 blocks away but with all the people here in NYC it is kinda hard to get around. I was just one block away when someone jumped out of a cab and into me causing me to fall And spill my coffee all over him. I felt so bad but all I got out was "ahh now I know I am super late for my internship". He helped me to my feet and said "sorry" in a cute Irish accent. Then it hit me.

Niall's POV:

I felt really bad I was running a little behind I was supposed to meet the boys at this recording studio a block away then I ruined someone's day! Why I am so bad with people especially women? " Where you headed?" I asked." To the recording studio down the street but I'm late so I got to get going nice running into you Niall" she replied. She was about to walk away but I grabbed her hand and said " wait how do you know me?" All she said was " who doesn't know you you're an international pop star." "Oh yeah sorry " I said awkwardly then I told her I was going there too and that we could walk together and she said "sure".

Sydney's POV:

As we walked to the studio we talked and he seemed pretty normal to me I was expecting a big flirt or something. Then we got into the building I wish we could have just kept talking for hours but I had to go I was already late. I said " bye it was nice

running into" I laughed and he did too then he said " "same" then just when I was gonna walk away he slipped something into my pocket and waved and walked off. At first I thought that was weird then I opened the piece of paper and it said LET'S HANG OUT LATER :) And had his number at the bottom.

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