Cute together

Sydney an ordinary 18 year old girl. Until she runs into Niall Horan and I mean literally runs into him.


6. good news

Niall's POV

When the door opened I was shocked! It is Sydney the boys will be surprised to. I leaned over to Louis and said "that's Sydney". He walks right up to her and says "I am delighted to meet you Sydney we have heard a lot about you and Niall's cappuccino incident." And winks. The boys all start cracking up and so does she. Then they all introduce themselves.

Harry's POV

I can't believe Sydney gets to work with us. I can tell Niall is happy. He can't stop smiling. I wonder if she has hot friends. I started thinking about that when Paul walks in. He starts telling us to go get situated and ready to sing. Ugh fun spoiler.

Sydney's POV

The boys started singing and it was amazing! We took about 5 takes of a couple of songs. Which took about 3 hours. Now time to leave! I grabbed my bag and started to text faith (my best friend). Then someone spun me around. I looked into those gorgeous blue eyes and smiled. "Soo are you free tonight?" He asked "yes why?" I said " well the boys and I are going to a club and were wondering if you wanted to join us." "Yes" I practically screamed "I'll pick u up at 7" he said " can I bring my friend Faith?" I asked "Sure"was his response. "Ok see you at 7" was all he said as he walked away. I rushed home and called faith. She came over as fast as she could. We started getting ready for the date.

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