(WILL NOT BE CONT)Theres Something in the Mist | Purgatory

The Doctor finds himself in the middle of Purgatory, surrounded by monsters and with no way out he meets Dean Winchester whose looking for Castiel, with the alliance of Benny they find something far worse, somethings hiding, there's something in the mist! (Spn&Dw Crossover)


3. The Doctor and the Hunter

Chapter 3:

(Note: I will eventually make the chapters longer, but for the first few they will be around this length)

Dean and Castiel stood in the small clearing hearing the evil snickers of the monsters surrounding them. "Cas, what do we do?" Dean asked fear evident in his voice. Castiel gave Dean a sad look before replying "Sorry" and he disappeared leaving Dean alone. Castiel hadn't wanted to leave Dean alone, but the monsters were going to be after him, and leaving might keep them away from Dean from the time being. Alone and afraid Dean heard a voice yelling out, he was to far to make out what it was saying, but it was nearby and it was Dean's best chance. Dean slowly took out his blade in case a monster decided to jump out and attack him.

Dean slowly began to make his way towards the voice that continued to yell, as he came closer he made out a name, Clara. The voice repeatedly called out that name, Clara. Dean eventually made his way into a small clearing where stood a frustrated man, he was pacing in circles repeating that name. Dean heard him mumble "It's not possible, this place shouldn't exist."

Dean began to approach the man, he had to admit he was a bit strange, he kept mumbling about time travel and wore a bow tie. "Hello?" The man looked up immediately "Hi?" He seemed confused so Dean walked a bit closer and introduced himself "I'm Dean Winchester, you are?"

The man shook his hand "Hello, I'm the Doctor" He said with a smile that seemed to say 'I have no idea what's going on'


"Yes, that's what a said the Doctor"

"I got that but, Doctor Who"

A smile appeared on his lips as he replied "Just the Doctor"

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