(WILL NOT BE CONT)Theres Something in the Mist | Purgatory

The Doctor finds himself in the middle of Purgatory, surrounded by monsters and with no way out he meets Dean Winchester whose looking for Castiel, with the alliance of Benny they find something far worse, somethings hiding, there's something in the mist! (Spn&Dw Crossover)


5. Rules of Purgatory

Chapter 5:

 Note: This chapter will again include a section of a Supernatural episode

Dean follows the frantic Doctor as they try to avoid the trap. The bushes brush up against they slowing them down as they attempt to make it to safety. "You said your friend took off right?" Dean cautiously looked around as they both make their way through the thick mist surrounding them. "Yeah , he did"

"I'm sorry, but there's no way he could still be alive, even if he got away, he's alone and with no protection. I think he's probably dead" To the Doctor's surprise Dean answered his statement with a small laugh. "What, what's funny?" Dean took a minute before answering "Nothing it's just, you see Cas here isn't exactly, how do you say... human"

"He's not?"

"No, he's an angel actually. You don't seem surprised"

"I wouldn't be, wait did you say angel?"

"Yeah... I did"

"As in Weeping Angel?" The Doctor asked in confusion.

"What? No, What the hell is a weeping angel anyway? Angel as in angel of the lord." The Doctor didn't answer right away "Angel of the lord? hm? Didn't think they were real"

"Yeah, that's what I though, but you seem to be taking all of this pretty well"

"Well, I've seen stranger things..."

"So have I.."

Footsteps sounds nearby followed by rustling in the bushes. Shadows moved through the mist. Dean and the Doctor turned to look "Somebody's here.." Dean slowly pulled his knife out of his pocket. A scream sounded deeper into the forest and four vampires ran out of the wilderness and into the clearing the  Doctor and Dean were currently here. The Doctor had fear in his eyes while Deans held pure hatred towards the monsters standing before them. The one who seems to lead the group began to speak "Well well well, what do we have here, a Winchester in Purgatory, now who let this happen huh?"The vampires quickly proceeded towards the two. The Doctor slowly backed off while Dean charged towards time and pinned one onto a tree. He immediately drew his knife towards his neck and frantically yelled at him "Where's the angel!" The lone vampire just smiled baring his teeth and with a whisper replied "You would like to know" Furious Dean stabbed his arm and yelled once more "Where's the angel" the vampire replied with a pained "I don't know" and Dean sliced his head off and proceeded to try to the the same to the rest. The Doctor froze in horror as one of then approached him. "Please, you might want to think a it this." The Doctor kept backing up with every step the raging monster took towards while Dean sliced another neck. As the vampire was about to answer another jumped out of the forest chopping his head off as the the Doctor watched helplessly. Dean noticed him as the vampire proceeded to do the same to the rest as the last two got away. Then it was just the three, Dean and the Doctor were too shocked to move so the vampire introduced himself "What? No thanks for saving your ass? The names Benny" He stated in a gruff voice, Dean replied "Give me one reason why I shouldn't shove this up your ass" Dean said motioning to his blade.

"hm, strange way to talk to the person who saved your life. I've got something you need"

"Yeah what's that?"
"A way out"

Dean simply laughed and said "Even for somebody like you knows there's no such thing"

"There is if you're human. You guys are the favourites, you have an easy way out"

"No chance"

"Suit yourself, maybe you don't want to get out, maybe you enjoy wandering purgatory for all eternity"

"Prove it"

"No, it's either your in your out"

"So you just want to guide us out of Purgatory from the goodness of your undead heart?"

"More or less"

Dean laughed "Ok, what's in in for you?"

"I'm  hopping a ride"


"It's a human portal jackass, only humans can pass through"

The Doctor let out a sigh upon hearing that statement

Benny continued "I show you the door, you haul my soul to the other side"

"So your looking for a soul train?"
"Sure, if that's what your into"

"How do I know this isn't a trick, how do I know I'm not going to end up like your friend over here" Dean motions the headless body lying on the ground.

"He was my friend, now you are. First rule of purgatory kid, you can't trust nobody"

"You just told me to trust you"

"See? You're getting the hang of it"

Dean considered taking Benny up on his offer. "First we find the angel"

Benny hesitated for a moment. Dean continued "It's either your in or your out"

The Doctor interrupted their conversation "Sorry to interrupt but I don't see how any of this is going to help me get out of here and back to my friend"

"You'll use the portal"

"That would work, except for one tiny problem, I'm not human."

Dean looked at him surprised "You're not?" The Doctor shook his head no and said "I'm a Time Lord, I came here by mistake and I don't have a clue how I can get out"

Benny interrupted "You might be able to make it through the portal, I don't know for sure but your not the only Time Lord whose found himself in purgatory."









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