(WILL NOT BE CONT)Theres Something in the Mist | Purgatory

The Doctor finds himself in the middle of Purgatory, surrounded by monsters and with no way out he meets Dean Winchester whose looking for Castiel, with the alliance of Benny they find something far worse, somethings hiding, there's something in the mist! (Spn&Dw Crossover)


2. I'm Stuck, but Where..

Chapter 2:

The Doctor and Clara held tight to the TARDIS console as the TARDIS wildly flung them around the twisted time vortex. The TARDIS had been quite one second and before they knew it sent a message to the scanner reading 'DANGER!' That's when the TARDIS went mad. The TARDIS continued to throw the two around and the Doctor attempted to fix it by fiddling with the controls but it didn't seem to make a difference. "No don't do that!" The Doctor exclaimed as the TARDIS rejected his command. "Doctor what's going on?" Clara asked with panic in her voice. "I don't know! We must have gotten awfully close to something the TARDIS didn't recognise, and it caused the whole thing to go mad!"

"Is there anything you can do about it?"

"Not really, if I can just land her I might be able to fix the problem but she doesn't want to land"

The TARDIS shook as the Doctor fiddled with the controls once more. This time the TARDIS reacted with a thud, and suddenly things seemed normal once more. "What happened?" Asked Clara who was both relieved and confused. "I'm not sure, the scanner isn't working, it's like she's trying to deny where we are"

"Where are we?"

"Let's find out!" The Doctor walked up to the door and Clara followed him. "You better stay here, we could be anywhere" The Doctor opened up the door greeted by the misty dark wilderness, Clara looked at him thoughtfully as the Doctor stepped out. "It can't be.. We can't be here.."

"We can't be where, where are we Doctor?"

"It impossi--" The Doctor was interrupted by the continuation of the TARDIS's unusual behavior. He quickly turned around and tried to enter the TARDIS with the door slamming in his face. "No don't do that!" The Doctor pounded at the door hearing Clara cry out for help as the TARDIS began to materialise without the Doctor. "Clara!" The Doctor yelled out, but it was too late, the Doctor was stuck, with only a hunch where he was.

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