Promise You'll Stay?

How would you like to be the winner of a once in a life time opportunity to go to a premier with the one and only Justin Bieber. Then feeling a special connection. And what? Falling in love? Well an 17 year old girl, Rylie Smith gets this chance. But what happens when her some what boyfriend back home finds out. Will the friendship last? What will happen with her and Justin? Will it work out? Read and find out!


2. Chapter 2

When I got to Savannah's house I honked the horn and she came running outside. BAHAHAHA! When Savannah came running out she slipped on ice! I'm seriously dying right now. When she up she rubbed her but, it actually looked like it hurt. I was still laughing when she got in the car.

"Stop laughing! That really hurt and where have you been!" She said looking mad

"Okay, okay and I was running late." I said trying hard not to burst out laughing again. I turned on the radio and drove off. Once we got to Aurora's she walked outside trying not to slip. Me and Savannah call her Rory though. When she got in the car the cold breeze came in. God it's freezing here in Wisconsin I can't wait to go to L.A.

"Where the hell have you been?!" Rory said.

"I'm sorry is was running late. Then when I got to Savannah's house she fell on the ice." Rory wasn't laughing. "It was one of those had to be there moments"

"Oh okay. But we have to go school starts in 5 minutes" Rory said. When we pulled up to school everyone was looking at us. We were the popular ones so this was normal. Right and I mean right when we walked out Savannah's boyfriend Arik ran up to her. Then Rory's boyfriend Jordan came running up to Rory. It always feels awkward cause I am the only one without a boyfriend. I just haven't found the perfect guy yet. You know what I mean. I went to my locker and grabbed my stuff. Then Noel came over. I have a thing with him, and ya we have kissed and done it before but we aren't dating.

"Hey babe." Noel said puckering up his lips for a kiss. I giggled and pushed his head away.

"Oh so your playing hard to get." He said smirking.

"Really Noel. Really." I said and started to walking first period.

"Hey Rylie wait!" He said running up to me. "Want to come over today? My parents aren't home they are on some sort of business trip."

"Well I was going to have the girls over today but i guess I will come over for a little bit." I said. Tonight I was going to tell the girls about L.A.

"Okay well can I have a ride home since your coming over anyways?" He said.

"Sure Noel. But I got to go I'm going to be late for class." I gave him a kiss on the cheek. Then the bell rang I started running but then slowed down. Fuck it I'm alway late for this class anyways what's the point.

"Late again Ms Smith." Mrs. Jones said. God I fucking hate her she is a pain in my ass. I sat down and got out my homework. The day went by fast. I went to my locker and Noel was there waiting for me.

"Hello!" He said with a big smile. "Hurry up I want to get home we haven't had alone time in a while."

"Okay. But I got to tell the girls to come over later. I won't go home till like 9." I said

"Wait what if I come over, and the girls can just bring their boyfriends." He said.

"Not a bad idea alright fine." I said walking up to the girls.

"Hey! Want to come over at 9 later and you guys can bring Jordan and Arik and Noel is going to come." I said

"Why don't you two just date you guys would be cute together." Savannah said.

"It's not like that it's confusing. It just... Ugh. Never mind but I got to go see you guys later. Bye" I said

"Bye" They said. I grabbed Noel's hand and walked outside to my car. When we got in Noel grabbed my hand. I smiled. Then he came and kissed my neck all cover. I giggled.

"Okay I got to drive." I said. When I'm with him I feel so comfortable. The reason we don't date is because we don't want to end up breaking up and never being friends again. I don't want to loose him. When he kisses me I get the shivers because it's so good. We arrived at his house and got out.

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