Promise You'll Stay?

How would you like to be the winner of a once in a life time opportunity to go to a premier with the one and only Justin Bieber. Then feeling a special connection. And what? Falling in love? Well an 17 year old girl, Rylie Smith gets this chance. But what happens when her some what boyfriend back home finds out. Will the friendship last? What will happen with her and Justin? Will it work out? Read and find out!


15. Chapter 11

Justin's POV

What just happened. Everything was blurry. I looked over at Rylie. I could just barely see her. But I saw she had a black eye cuts all over and I think she was out cold! Omg! I had a MASSIVE headache. My head was turning. I hope she is alright. I can even think straight right now. All of a sudden I threw up all over the side of the car. Oh god. Within 5 minutes ambulances, fire trucks, and cop cars arrived. Paramedics rushed over and grabbed Rylie and put her on a stretcher. Things where still blurry, but then some came to me, and also put me on a different stretcher l. The took Rylie away and then me. In the ambulance the paramedics where talking to me trying to keep me conscious. They where asking me questions and I told them I was ok just dizzy. Once we got to the hospital. Try brought me into a huge room. Then they came rushing into the same room with Rylie. They closed curtains around her. My heart is beating so fast. I really hope she is ok. Three nurses and a doctor rushed in there. Oh no. Then a nurse came by me. And checked me up. They looked at my eyes got all my basic information and then a doctor came in.

"Hi. I'm Dr. Fritz. First of all I am a big fan of you. And well let's just say your lucky. And you have a pretty strong head. You have a minor concussion. So just relax for a couple of days and take it easy. We will give you pain pills but if it gets any worse come back in." She said. She was actually kinda good looking and I probably looked terrible.

"Ok sounds a good. And I can sign something for you if you want." I said

"Really?" She said. "Ok but let me get the prescription first and then you can."

She closed the curtain around me just for a little privacy and left the room. But now I can't see who goes in by Rylie. She looked about on her twenties. She was pretty good looking. I forgot I didn't have a shirt on. I looked down I had a mark from the seatbelt. About 20 minutes later she came back in. She gave me all the paper work and took care of that. Her jacket that she had to wear was unbuttoned a little lower. She gave me a piece of paper and a pen.

"You can sit down." I said. She did. I signed the paper and then handed it to her. I looked at her boobs they were pretty big. She caught me looking at them and blushed. She looked cute.

"Want me to sign them?" I said. She smirked and unbuttoned her jacket thing. She has a black lace bra on. And it looked good on her. I signed them, each one. I looked at her. I couldn't help but lean in for a kiss. She surprisingly kissed me back. I picked her up and out her on my still kissing. We moved our lips in sync I started rubbing her tits and I licked her bottom lip. I didn't expect her to let me in. I licked her tongue lightly and kept kissing I moved down her neck. She moaned and it was sexy!

"Shhh" I said. I flipped her over and went on top of her. I kissed down her boobs and down her stomach and pulled down her pants. I pulled down her thong and kissed it. I slid my tongue between her walls which were wet. She was really wet which means she was enjoying this. I licked it all up and then I slid my tongue inside of her. She spread her legs wider and then she arched her back. She stared getting even more wet so I licked it all up. I wiped my mouth as pulled her pants back up. She buttoned her top and got up. Is that your girlfriend over there.

"Yes. OH SHIT!" I said. I got to caught up in the moment! She is going to hate me!

"I'm sorry." She said.

"No it's my fault." I said.

"Well you are supposed to go to her. They relocated her to her own area. It's two doors down. On the left." She said.

I rushed out. I walked down and turned in her room. Her parents and sisters where in there. There was also a police officer too. Her mom was crying. Rylie was still out cold. She had IVs hooked up to her and she had a black eye and cuts. A tear dripped from my face. She looked terrible. I walked up to her and held he than even though she couldn't hold it back. The police officer told us that the other car ran a red light. So they would have to pay for the car damage and things like that. The police officer left after that and a doctor came in.

"Ok Rylie is passed out. She should awake soon. She does have a concussion so she is going to have to be careful she broke her right leg and is going to need to be in a special type of boot and crouches for 5 weeks and then 3 weeks in just a boot she won't need crouches." The doctor said. "Once she wakes up we are going to right away on the special boot and them you will be able to go home. We already took care if everything else. She will need to take the pain pills when needed. Otherwise just Ibuprofen or Tylenol. Page is when she wake up." Then he left.

I kissed her forehead and whispered to her.

"Rylie please wake up. I'm worried about you. I want you to be able to get out of her. I love you" I said and another tear fell. Then I felt her grip squeeze harder. My eyes widened.

"I love you too!" She said.

"Rylie!" I gasped! And so did everyone else. I hugged he lightly so I wouldn't hurt her.

"Wait....? love?" Her father Mark said.

"Yes dad. Me and Justin are dating I didn't want to tell you till later. I'm sorry about the car." She said.

"Don't worry about it." Her mom Erin said. "We don't have to pay for the damage anyway."

"It's ok that you are dating him. I trust him. But if you break my baby girls heart! I will break you." Mark said.

"I promise I won't." I said.


Hey guys! I have decided to change the way of the dialog. It's just gonna be easier for me. Love you guys!

Rylie's POV

The doctor came in. My leg hurts like hell. And I have a pounding headache.

Doctor: Oh! Rylie I am Dr. Daub. How are you feeling?

Me: I have a pounding headache. And my leg hurts like hell! What happened?

Mom: Rylie! Your sisters are in here!

Dr. Daub: You had gotten into a car crash. But don't worry it wasn't your fault. The other car came through the red light. Drunk driver.

Me: Oh. But wait, what about me?

Dr. Daub: You have a minor concussion. You have some scrapes and bruises and a broken leg. We are going to put you in a special type of boot. You may ONLY take it off when you are getting dressed, or bathing. We will bring the boot in here and put it on.

Me: ok.

Dr. Daub left to get the boot.

Brynn: Sissy are you going to be ok?

Me: Yes. I just won't be able to go snowboarding with you guys.

Brook & Brynn: WHAT??!!

Me: I'm sorry girls. Maybe the girls can take you.

Brook & Brynn: Ok _said sadly_

I looked at Justin and smiled. Dr. Daub came back in. He put the boot on and gave me crutches, and we were dismissed to leave. I got up to try to use the crutches and got really dizzy

Me: Wooaah _losing my balance_

Justin: Want me to carry you?

I nodded. Mom took the crutches and Justin picked me up. I laid my head on his chest. We drove back to the hotel. Justin carried me back up to our room. We all sat down in the living room.

Dad: Rylie. We are going to have to leave L.A. early.

Me: WHAT?!! But dad!

Mom: Your friends are missing you. And we aren't going to be able to do anything here anymore.

Me: But what about Justin? _i grabbed his hand_

Dad: You too are going to have to work something out. Text, FaceTime. I don't know.

I looked at Justin. And he put his arm around me.

Mom: Now I get your things packed. We are leaving to the airport in half an hour.

Justin carried me up the stairs.

Me: I don't want to leave you.

Justin: Me neither. We will work something out I will see you soon I promise!

We kissed passionately. He held me close to him for a while.

Justin: I'll pack for you, you just relax.

He laid me down on the bed and packed all of my things. I told him what goes where and what bag. He gave me sweatpants and a sweatshirt since I'm going back to Wisconsin. I love him so much! I grabbed my phone an put it in my pocket. Justin carried my suitcase and duffle bag downstairs. Then he came back up for me. He put his SnapBack sunglasses and shirt on and then we left. Justin was going to come with us and then have his driver pick him up. When we got to the airport we put our things in the bagging thing and went to wait for our plain.

Me: Thank you so much. For the little time we had together it was amazing! I'm gonna miss you so much! _whispered to justin_

Justin: Come here baby.

He picked me up and put me in his lap. I shed a tear as started to cry. He whipped the tear away and held me even tighter.

Flight attendant: Flight 369 to Wisconsin is now boarding.

Justin: I love you!

Me: I love you too! _starting to cry_

I kissed him passionately. He licked my bottom lip and I let him enter cause who knows when I'll see him next. We finally pulled away and he held me tightly.

Dad: Come on Rylie we have to go.

We said our goodbyes and I grabbed my crutches and left. Brynn and Brook say with me in a three person seat and my parents sat in front of us in a two person seat. The flight took off and I fell right to sleep

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