Bradley is smoking hot. He's a man whore. Every girl wants to jump in his pants not to mention a few guys. But then, there's Shay. She hates everything about him, from his floppy hair to his Australian accent.
Shay is a bookworm. She reads and reads and reads. If she's not reading she's dancing in her mother's studio.
Somehow Bradley finds this ever so endearing and tries his very hardest to get her attention. But of course he'll never get it.


8. 8

Brad's POV

"You're so..." I started, but I couldn't finish.

"Stubborn?" She guessed. Hot, I was gonna say hot. Her hair was in this messy bun and she had on this curve fitting one piece with the word 'dope' across the top. I had only ever looked at the girls in bikinis but damn this looks- shit. Stop thinking about it. 

"Swing!" Jake pointed to the sky ride. Shay laughed nervously.

"Not a big fan of heights I see." I laughed at her expense.

"Shut up."  she rolled her eyes and picked up her son. "That's not a swing honey." I could have sworn I saw a shiver, even in the 80 degree weather. I chuckled and she rolled her eyes again. "Where's your brother?"

"He should be here in-"

"Sorry I'm late guys!" Louis ran up with his cheery blue eyed baby girl on his hip.

"Now." I furrowed my brow. "Where's Celeste?" 


"How do you walk so fast?!" Amanda groaned carrying a gloomy Celeste on her hip. "What are you doing here?" She scoffed at me then smiled at Shay. "I asked repeatedly to carry Grace! Celeste wouldn't stop kicking me the whole damn time!"

"I told you you could have Grace! You grabbed up Celeste instead!"

"I thought she was Grace!" Meanwhile Celeste was busy trying to find away down. She tried groaning, which wasn't heard by Amanda. She nudged her arm, Amanda waved her off. Celeste's nose flared, she took a deep breath and began screaming, startling Amanda.

"Put down!" She screamed. "Put down! Put down! PUT DOWN!" Amanda cringed putting the screaming child onto the ground. All at once Celeste stop screaming and smiled up at Shay. "You're pretty." Everyone was still staring. "I'm ready to ride the roller coasters!" What a brat. Just like me.

"Let's go little peach!" She jumped into my awaiting arms. "Which one first?"

"That one!" She points to the swinging Ship way down at the end.

"Hey how about we go through the haunted house ride."

"What? No that's lame!" 

"What?! It's not lame, you're just scared."

"Okay I'll make a deal with you." Here we go.

"We ride with that little boy with the pretty lady." 

"You mean Jake?" 

"Yes!" She squeaked.

"Okay, fine." 

Shay's POV

It took a lot of convincing to let Brad take Jake to go into that stupid haunted house thing. I text a quick message to Peter asking him to come. It's really awkward standing there with my ex- boyfriend's siblings.

"So..." Lou says.

"So..." I say.

"It's really good to see you again, Shay."

"I... I mean..."

"Is that my brother's baby?" Louis asks abruptly.

"What?! No, no. See we broke up before we actually... did anything."

"Oh but you slept with someone else after you broke up huh?" His words are harsh and hit me like run away train. My mouth must be open because he adds, "Truth hurts?" I can't breathe and I feel like I'm going to faint.

"No actually that's not what happened." I cringed. I blinked back tears. I'm gonna go for a walk or... or something... i just... I can't." I blew past them letting a tear stain my cheek. 

"Shay..." Amanda called out to me but I kept walking until I ran into someone. 


"Shay! Are you okay?" Peter asked. I shook my head. 

"No!" I sobbed into his chest. He stroked my hair, holding me. "He called me a whore. Am I a whore?" I sobbed.

"What? No! Who called you a whore?"

"Louis! In front of his daughter and Amanda!" 

"What'd the little bitch say?" I was taken aback by his words.

"He thought that I broke up with his brother just so I could have sex with some one else. He thought my son was Brad's and I can't deal with that! I didn't have a baby on purpose!"

"Sh. It's okay."

"I didn't ask to get raped. I don't feel like I should have to explain that to every one! It's not my fucking fault!" I cried harder into him.

"Shay!" I heard Brad yell. Peter's grip on me got tighter. Almost strangling. "Shay." he was standing in front of us now. "shay I am so sorry. He was completely out of line, he had no right to say anything about Jake or who ever his father is." I tore away from Peter.

"Don't you get it Brad? Jake doesn't have a father. That man who took advantage of me isn't in his life and he will never be. If I have a say in it." I grabbed my son up. "I'm gonna go. I had a really good time." I said sarcastically. 

Once we got to my car I turned to Peter.

"Where the fuck did you go this morning?!" I screamed.

"Whoa where is this coming from?"

"Answer the question!"

"My mom needed me!"

"And you couldn't leave a note?" I rolled my eyes.

"You think I would actually cheat on you? Is that what you're implying?" I rolled my eyes again. "Why would I do that? You're going through enough as is, why would I think about cheating on you and adding more to your pain?"

"Peter, don't act like this hasn't happened before." I opened the back door and put Jake in his car seat. I was having trouble with the buckle.

"We weren't in love then." I finally snapped the buckle closed and shut the car door.

"I was. I always was. If you weren't in love with me then what makes you in love with me now?" As I say it I feel a pang of guilt in my stomach, I kissed Brad, more than once, just yesterday, and I wanted more than anything to do it again. "I'm gonna go home now. You have fun doing whatever you do when you're not with me." I open the drivers side and climbed in and shut the door before Peter could say anything. 

Brad's POV

I followed Shay's car out of the parking lot all the way to her house. I stopped first and jumped out of the car. I ran over to her door and pulled it open. 

"Holy shit Brad what are you-" I leaned into her car and kissed her, slow and hard until Jake started crying. "You wanna come inside?"

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