Bradley is smoking hot. He's a man whore. Every girl wants to jump in his pants not to mention a few guys. But then, there's Shay. She hates everything about him, from his floppy hair to his Australian accent.
Shay is a bookworm. She reads and reads and reads. If she's not reading she's dancing in her mother's studio.
Somehow Bradley finds this ever so endearing and tries his very hardest to get her attention. But of course he'll never get it.


7. 7


I'm  changing the name of the book bc it obviously doesn't fit the book anymore. Okay just giving you the heads up I'll be changing it on Monday.


Shay's POV

I woke up to the doorbell ringing and then Jake crying. I got up looking around for Peter but he was no where in sight. I ran to Jake's room tying my hair up in a bun. I took him out of his crib and he giggled jumping and running around his room. I ran to the door and there stood Nicole, my best friend, panting and smiling. 

"Julliard wants you!" She squealed.

"What?! When did you find this out?"

"Well you know how my dad has his connections?"

"Please don't tell me he got me in."

"No! Of course not. But, he was talking to one of his friends and he said that they were replaying your audition over and over and that they want you in!"

"Over and over?"

"Yep! And they want you on full scholarship!" 

"Full?!" bang, shriek, cry. "Oh god... um.. come in I have to go see what happened." I said and disappeared into Jake's room. "Aw Jakey! God damn that table! Do you want yummy?" he rubbed his head and nodded crying harder. I picked him up and carried him to the kitchen. I sat him on the couch and grabbed an ice pack and a pudding cup. I sat next to him and handed him his snack and sat him on my lap. I set the ice pack on his head and waited for his crying to subside before talking again. "What am I going to do with the studio?"

"Sell it."

"If I sell it everyone who works there will be out a job. Including my boyfriend."

"Well you could put someone else in charge..."

"Please don't say-"

"Josh is older than you and he lives closer!"

"He doesn't come around ever and he's only 2 minutes older than me." 

"Look. He loves you and your mom and your dad and your son-"

"He doesn't know I have one."


"He left right after they told mom she had leukemia because he couldn't handle it." 

"Why don't you call him?"

"I'll try okay? But can we talk about something else?"

"Are you committed to moving to New York in 5 months?"

"Yes. I'll have everything figured out by then and I'll notify them if there's a glitch in my plan." 

"Where is Ms. Pristine?" My friend giggled. The nickname she gave my mom was ironic, by now she was not pristine except for her attitude. That always stayed the same.

"She tried to kill herself last night."


"I don't think she'll make it this time. She was so frail like an old woman and I hate seeing her like that."

"I am so sorry."

Brad's POV

"Well I gotta go. That was a fun night." Christina kissed my cheek and threw on my hoodie. "I'll give this back during class."

"Why during?"

"No reason." She lied.

"Like it's a trophy? People know we fuck. It's no big deal." 

"It is! All the girls are always staring at you and... They want to fuck you but I'll always be first."

"You weren't first." I crinkled my brow. "I lost my virginity to some chick at a party freshman year in high school. It wasn't you."

"I mean in class. I fucked you first."

"I don't see need for competition, it's pointless and childish." I shrugged climbing out of my bed reaching for my boxers.

"It's a game. And I'm winning."  she smacked my ass.

"Hey, how do you know I'm the one playing the game and winning?"

"Because. To win a game you have to think with your brain."

"So I guess you are losing."


"The only thing you think with are your boobs."

"Then we'll lose the game together." 

"We'll see about that."

I called Amanda. She ignored it. of course she's still pissed, but she can't just change my whole personality because of the girl next door. I wasn't trying to be in a relationship with the girl. I just missed those lips a lot. Full pouty lips that always tasted like red velvet cake. Oh! And her breasts, I hadn't touched them with my hands and it kills me that some creep got to see all of her. I wanted to be the first one to hold her, to touch her, to feel her and she would have liked it if I hadn't picked such a horrible place. Oh yeah and if I hadn't had Christina on my counter top. Or my couch. Or my room. Or at all. I wanted sex. I was so frustrated with this virgin who wasn't as easy as I had hoped. But I stayed because she was so funny and it was cute the way she scrunched her nose to push her glasses up. But if I have to admit it, I'm just as bad as the creep in the parking lot.

I called Louis, my brother. He picked up on the third ring.

"Oh! It's the stranger! How are you?"

"Oh you know I recently got married and had triplets! How will you ever beat that brother?" I faked a posh accent.

"Just startin' up this here tractor for to mower my lawn with." He laughed.

"Why do we do that?"

"It's fun! So what's really up?"

"You up for surfing this fine afternoon? The waves look great." I peered out my window to the ocean view.

"Sorry bro, no can do. I'm taking the kids to the board walk."

"I'll go with you!" He sighed.

"Okay. But don't bring the bimbo."

"The what?"


"Amanda loves Chrissy though!"

"Amanda is insane besides she's not coming. You can bring any other girl besides Christina."

"Any other girl?"

Shays POV

"Jake isn't doing so well either. When she's here it's rare that he cries but now..." I looked down at the whimpering boy. Just then there was a knock on the door. "Can you watch him?" Nicole nodded and I left the room. Of course it was Brad. "What do you want?"

"Well hello to you too. Is your boyfriend home?"

"No actually he's not."

"Good because I'm taking you and your little rascal to the boardwalk."

"No thanks." I went to close the door.

"Wait wait wait. My brother will be there with his two kids and I think it will get your mind off of... Everything."

"I agree." Nicole startled me. "Hi I'm Nicole."

"We've met before." Brad said.

"Oh! You're the ass cake that cheated on Shay!"

"I um.."

"Yeah! You had sex with that bimbo on your... Counter top!" The memories started flashing before my eyes.


"You're gonna what?!" Nicole gasped.

"I'm going to talk about it with him okay? We're not going all the way tonight." I swiped the lipstick across my lower lip.

"But he's scummy! I can tell something's up!" I ignored her.

"I'll be back shortly." I smiled and slammed the front door. I ran across the street to Brad's house and my heart thumped hard and fast in my chest. He always told me to just walk right in, so I did. The sounds should have had me turn back. But I wanted proof. And in the kitchen was my proof. I gasped stepping back and knocking over a vase. It shattered along with the sliver of hope that he might be a good guy. "You're..." The thought of having sex with him was sickening

"Baby I-"

"Don't. Just please, don't." I shook my head and ran out of this house that now felt foreign to me.

That night I refused to cry or answer the phone. I never actually did cry over him. It's not that easy to make me cry actually. I got multiple texts and calls and for what? To say sorry? To dump me? I didn't want to find out.


"No. Thanks but I don't want to go with you. Anywhere."

"Please?" I rolled my eyes. 


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