Bradley is smoking hot. He's a man whore. Every girl wants to jump in his pants not to mention a few guys. But then, there's Shay. She hates everything about him, from his floppy hair to his Australian accent.
Shay is a bookworm. She reads and reads and reads. If she's not reading she's dancing in her mother's studio.
Somehow Bradley finds this ever so endearing and tries his very hardest to get her attention. But of course he'll never get it.


32. 32

"What do you think is gonna happen next, Brad? You think we're gonna sit down and have a date and you're gonna pour your heart out and I'm gonna stop you in the middle of a sentence and we're gonna have a great kiss and blah blah blah."

"No. I think I'm gonna do this," he says stepping significantly closer to me, "and then I'm going to have the best sex with the love of my life, and then afterwards we're going to fight, and eat and then have even more sex."

"Brad I-" but he knew he would get his way. He kissed me for the first time in forever. I felt like I was flying. I missed him. I missed us. My hands roamed through his hair as he held me close to his body. "Have you had a haircut since I left?" We laughed.

"I kinda let myself go after you took off."

"What took you so long?"

"Aye, arguing isn't until after the amazing sex remember?" I laughed as he lifted me up.

"What if someone sees us?"

"I don't know... Free live porn?"

"Uh I don't think so, Brad."

"I'm Kidding. No one's gonna see us. I promise, beautiful." I blushed at his nickname for me. My lips landed on his again. "Hold up I gotta see my way over to this fancy picnic I made you."

"Well hurry up. You're ruining the moment."

He finally found his way to the blanket and set me down on top of it. I pulled my shirt over my head. He groaned leaning down to kiss me again, hands roaming my body. He smacked my ass lightly, and I gasped, shocked.

"I'm sorry was that not okay? I just... I've always wanted to see how you'd react and-" he jumped when my hand came down on his ass.

"How'd that feel, huh?"

"Touché." He laughed. "You are really something."

"I know." I shrugged. He laid me down sucking on my neck, his hands on my thighs. "Touch me." I whispered.

"I am touching you."

"Braad!" I whined.

"Oh you mean like this?" He lightly brushed my clit through my leggings and I cried out. I nodded. "Or like... That." He applied more pressure. I cursed arching my back. His lips never left my neck.

"Stop teasing me. I need you." He pulled my leggings and panties down to my knees exposing me to the cool air. His fingers played with my area, sending waves through my entire body.

"Can I make you cum with just my fingers?" He whispered. I bit my lip to keep from moaning. "You're already so wet. I bet I can. You're breathing so heavily and I can see your nipples are hard as fuck. You're close aren't you? I bet it's driving you insane as I talk to you and finger fuck you. Do my words turn you on?" I stay quiet, because I know what he says is true. "I bet you're right on the brink of cumming all over my fingers." I felt my body shudder and I struggled to hold on, but he pumped his fingers faster and faster and bit down on my shoulder. I let out a small gasp before my vision went blurry. I did exactly what he said I would. I shattered under him moaning loudly. He quickly covered my mouth with his free hand as he continued driving me insane with the other. "Shhh baby, you wouldn't want someone hearing us now would you?"

Before I could even come down from my high I felt his cock press against me. Oh my god I almost forgot how big he was. He pushed into me, as deep as he could go. I wrapped my legs around his waist. His eyes closed in ecstasy and he cursed as he pumped slowly in and out of me. I giggled and squealed from excitement.

"Fuck is this happening?" I laughed throwing my head back. "God I fucking missed you." He smiled at me, kissing my cheeks and my forehead, before finally kissed my pouty lips. "I love you so much, Brad. So fucking much."

"I love you so much more."



Okay so we all know how the sex ends lol. I just wanted to skip the really awkward part where she comes and he comes because honestly it's just a big ol mess. So I ended the chapter here instead of going on way longer than I should. If you guys don't like where I ended just tell me and I'll finish up the sex you perverts. Lmao I love you guys so much

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