Bradley is smoking hot. He's a man whore. Every girl wants to jump in his pants not to mention a few guys. But then, there's Shay. She hates everything about him, from his floppy hair to his Australian accent.
Shay is a bookworm. She reads and reads and reads. If she's not reading she's dancing in her mother's studio.
Somehow Bradley finds this ever so endearing and tries his very hardest to get her attention. But of course he'll never get it.


27. 27

Shay's POV

It was 2 hours later that the cops finally showed up, and when they did everyone came out. I had a nasty scrape up my arm, and Brad's hands were messed up as well. We explained what happened, over and over again to different officers.

"All I know is that someone keeps trying to hurt my girlfriend and it's your job to protect her." Brad stomped away from the officer and over to me in the ambulance. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. I just don't understand why they brought an ambulance. I've got minor scrapes."

"Well when we get a call saying that there was an attempted Murder, we expect stab wounds, bullets, blood loss... Not a road rash." An officer laughed.

"Are you guys okay?!" Christina jogged up to us. "What happened?" A thought flashed in my mind but I quickly dismissed it. It couldn't have been her, she was in the house and obviously too tired to drive with such precision. Plus she looked genuinely horrified.

"Nothing we're-" I was cut off by Brad.

"Someone just tried to kill Shay... Again." She gasped.

"That's truly awful!" Okay. That's a bit off... Oh right! She only cared about Brad. Almost forgot. "And you saved her life?"

"Yep. That's kinda what you do when you're in love." I rolled my eyes. Her jaw clenched.

"Love?" She growled. "Brad doesn't fall in LOVE." She cried. Oh my god. I figured it out. Christina's in love with Brad. It all just clicked.

"Oh my god." I gasped

"Christina what's your deal?"

"Brad don't." I squeaked.

"Don't what? You're a whore Christina!"

"Brad!" I shrieked.

"I gave myself to you! All you ever did was go and find someone else to screw when I was gone! How could you not know any of this?! I love you!" She spilled. "I didn't touch anyone else. In those two years, I wouldn't do it. Because one day you were gonna come around and realize we were something amazing."

Silence. I hated silence. It always meant something was wrong. Like when my mother stopped breathing. Or when Jake had that whooping cough and suddenly... Silence. Of course I got to the hospital fast enough and they got him to breathe again. I looked at Brad who was too stunned to close his mouth.


"I'm pregnant, Brad." And if that driver didn't kill me, this sentence definitely will.


I know this chapter was super short but I'll make a long one next time I swear!!!

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