Does She Know? *LARRY FAN FIC*

Daddy, why does Daddy look upset? Why does he have marks on his arms? Was it the cat again.
I look down at our Daughter, Darcy. Unable to tell her about what's wrong with her father. What was wrong with me either.

*No longer a Short Story*


6. Not today

Louis' POV-
You're a screw up! It's your fault Harry's dead! Maybe you should join him! "Shut up...." I mumble to myself, I continue pacing around the room in my black outfit. Today was Harry's funeral and I don't know what to do. It's been a week since his death and we've arrived in Cheshire for his funeral. I haven't left Harry's step-dad's bungalow since we got here 3 days ago. I can tell the boys are worried, but they're giving me space, they're living in the house. Exactly what I don't need, but I like it too. The voices torturing me are my punishment for making Harry kill himself, for me being a screw up and me being who I am. But Louie.... It is all your fault. The innocent voice rings in my head, well it's not so innocent is it? "Shut up" I growl Louie, Louie, Louie It whispers in it's devilish tone. You see the voice sounds different at different times, it can sound evil, hissing like a snake or Innocent, like a ringing voice. "Shut up!" I scream, dropping to the ground, I hold my head and curl myself into a ball in front of my door. I begin violently sobbing, I head to the bathroom and grab out the packet of razors and begin making light cuts on my skin, blood dripping onto the bathroom floor You can end it now if you want, just a little deeeeperrrr.... The voice coo's. No, not now. I can't do it yet, I want to feel pain for making Harry kill himself. I need to suffer. I've been cutting for the past 3 days, it's a way of dealing with my pain. I never thought I would do anything like this, yet here I am. I walk over to my cupboard and grab a plaster (Large Band-Aid) and change into my tux. "Just be strong for the funeral then you can go get drunk" I mumble to myself. I grab my Ipod, phone and wallet and sit on the bed, waiting for one of the boys to knock on the door. 20 minutes later I hear a knock on the door and open it to find Liam " 'cmon mate let's go..." He ushers me out the door.
On the way out I stop in the middle of the main room and look around, this is a place I'll never forget. This is where we first truly became 'One Direction' where I knew for sure that I wanted to be more than best friends with Harry. This is a place that will always be in my mind, once I leave Cheshire I'm not coming back. I might as well savour what little time I have here.

"C'mon..." Liam groans, ushering me out the door. He doesn't even seem upset that Harry's dead. This immediately makes me mad, after 4 years he doesn't care about Harry!!?? I can't do this, I'm rather going to kill Liam or break down, I tell myself. I quickly turn around and sprint back into the Bungalow, locking the door as I slide down it. I begin crying again, I can hear someone banging on the door, probably Liam. I just continue to sit there until the banging stops, next thing I knew I saw Zayn opening the window and climbing through. I just continue to sit there, in my own sobbing mess. Zayn rushes over to me and wraps me in his arms, and I begin to cry into his shoulder "I-I can't do it Zayn..." I whisper "Yes you can, you just have to stay strong for Harry and be there for him today...." He coo's, I quickly wipe my tears away and stand up "Like he was here for me!!?? He left me when I was at my most vulnerable moment!" I scream, throwing something off the table "Lou..... calm down...."Zayn says wearily "No! I will not calm down! It's all my fault...." My voice begins trailing off as I realise I need to apologise to him, I can't be here alone. I need to be with him. "Louis......" Zayn says with panic in his voice, obvious that I was about to do something dramatic. I quickly sprint towards the bathroom, locking the door behind me "Louis! Louis!" I hear Niall, Liam and Zayn pounding on the door. I can't call them the boys anymore. Harry isn't there anymore, I grab whatever I can and barricade the door. Making it near-impossible for them to open the door "Louis! Louis! Remember when you were on the other side of the door!!??" Niall screams, I don't answer. I just begin to look for the razors and sleeping pills "Louis! How do you think I feel! You are one of my closest friends. Louis I need you!" Niall screams, Liam and Zayn continue to try to break down the door "Please Louis!" Zayn and Liam cry. Next thing I know Niall is climbing through the bathroom window. What is it with windows being open today? Niall comes over to me and tries to grab my arms. He succeeds, getting a tight grip of them "I'm not going to stop you anymore, but if you go. I go too." He lets go of my wrist, turning and shutting the bathroom window and locking it. He grabs out a gun, putting it against his head "Go ahead Louis, we can do it at the same time!" He screams "Niall! Niall! Louis is Niall in there with you!!" I hear Zayn scream "C'mon Louis! Hurry up. If you're going to do it do it now!" Niall screams, his hand is now trembling. "I'm ready...." He whispers, closing his eyes. At that moment I realise what he was about to do "Niall!" I scream, just before he pulls the trigger I pull the gun towards my stomach. He pulls the trigger before he realises what's happened. The world around me goes silent and everything goes in slow moment until I hit the ground and I can hear screaming coming from Liam and Zayn. Niall is just standing there in shock, then my world goes black.

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