Does She Know? *LARRY FAN FIC*

Daddy, why does Daddy look upset? Why does he have marks on his arms? Was it the cat again.
I look down at our Daughter, Darcy. Unable to tell her about what's wrong with her father. What was wrong with me either.

*No longer a Short Story*


4. I'm such a screw up

Harry's POV-
"Harry! Where are you?" I can hear Louis calling, he doesn't care. He never will, he loves Elonour. What is your problem Harry? Your a screw up, you don't deserve to be in One Direction. You fail everyone when they need it most! Just think of when you were doing the first live performance, You can't do anything right! "Hazza Bear, you're not an Idiot. I am..." I am an Idiot "Hazza, please!" I just sit there, thinking to myself "Haz, what's wrong?" he kneels down, so he is near my height "I'm a screw up..." I mumble to myself "No you're not... Why do you think that?" I could tell he was worried "I'm a screw up..." I mumble again "Harry.... Are you alright...?" "I'm a screw up..." I say, rocking myself backwards and forwards "I'm going to call Liam, something's wrong..." The next thing I hear is the sound of Louis' phone as he puts it on speaker, Liam answer's "Louis, Mate where are you? El's here!" I shutter at the sound of her name, I like Elounour, I really do. But the fact that she's with Louis and I'm not upsets me "I'm a screw up..." I mumble to myself "That's what he's been saying for the past 2 minutes Liam! Please help!" I notice Louis had taken speaker phone off and I could hear Louis' voice breaking "I have no Idea where we are, I just walked out of Nando's and turned right..." "Please Liam!" "No, I'll do it..." "I can't what if.... No, I'll talk to you later... Bye...." I turn my head to come face to face with Louis "Elounour and the other's are really worried...." I groan and look at the ground "Why don't you like el?" "I'm such a screw up....." I mumble "Harry!" I jump at his sudden outburst then look at the ground "I'm such a screw up...." "Harry, Please..." I hear his ringtone go off and his screen light up "C'mon El's on her way..." I groan again "Ok! What is your problem with El today! Why do you hate her?" He yells at me "I don't hate her!" "Well it sure seems like it!" I stand up, so I'm near the same height as Louis "I.Do.Not.Hate.Her!" I say, drawing breaths between each word "Well then what's your problem today!" He screams "You!" "What do..." I cut him off by pressing my lips against his, he didn't kiss back. I move away, I guess that solves it. He doesn't like me... "That's my problem..." I whisper "That's why I'm such a screw up..." I quickly run away, Heading to the hotel we're staying at. I run towards the door and quickly open it and slam it behind me, I lock it and walk around the room. "I'm such a screw up, I'm such a screw up...." I decide to go onto twitter and purposely look for the negative comments, something I haven't done in 2 years, when I first make a huge mistake. "Gay. Fake. Can't sing. Stupid. Ugly. Man Whore. Stupid." I repeat all of the words that stuck out in each comment, There was a whole tweet that stuck out to me. "Your stupid Harry, you're gay and you shouldn't be in the band. Go kill yourself!" I screamed and threw my phone across the room, Maybe it's for the best? I mean, things between Louis and I are messed up. He's probably told the other's by now. I pick up my phone, realising it was broken. Like my heart, Like my mind.... I have no reason to live "Stupid, Pathetic little gay Harry....." I walk to the bathroom, locking the door behind me. Pulling out the box of razor's. "Stupid..." I made one deep cut on my arm, wincing at the pain, after a few seconds I liked the pain "Pathetic..." another cut "Gay...." another cut "Fake..." another cut "Man whore..." another cut, even though I know that isn't true... "One for Louis..." cut "One for Niall..." cut "One for Liam...." another cut "One for Zayn..." cut "One for Mum..." cut "One for Gemma..." cut "and another 3 for the fans..." cut, cut cut. "and one for doing this to myself...." and I make the biggest, deepest one and just lie there. Crying in a pool of my own blood, dripping from my arm. I drop the blaze and I can hear banging on my door. I can feel the world fading around me, I can hear Louis, Liam, Zayn, Niall and I can hear a few girls voices... Kate.. The one girl who I've cared about like that and I'm just leaving her like this. I can't let her see me like this... With all my strength I pull myself to the door and sit in front of it. With my last drawing breath I whisper "I love you Kate, I love you Lou..." and with that I feel too week and crumple to a pile on the ground.

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