Is This Love?

Rin Yamamoto and Haru Fujioka have been childhood friends since birth. They've always been living next door to each other and always thought of each other as siblings. One day Rin had to move to Kyoto due to her father's business when she was five. After ten years she is now back in Tokyo returning to her old house. She soon meets Haru again but she noticed there was a change in him. He no longer considers her as his friend.


2. who are you?

I walked in the house, it had a different smell, our house always smelt like lavender, it was a nice smell. My mother would always love lavender and bought everything lavender related. Like lavender perfume, sprays, candles, flowers, and more. Our house always smelt like lavender but this time it smelt like pine. Like how old houses would smell like. I guess the lavender smell faded. Right in front after I entered was the dinning room. It bought back many memories when we used to have good times. But all of that is gone. Right next to the dinning room was the kitchen. I traced my fingers down on the granite counter. It wasn't dusty... Wait. Why isn't it dusty? I ran to to dinning table, it was clean and polished, not a speck of dust. I ran to the living room, even the tv and sofas are clean. How? It's been 10 years since we left. I ran upstairs bringing my luggage up. I only carried a backpack and a small suitcase, it wasn't much. I opened the door to my room. Everything, just as I left it was still there and neat. I wondered how though. I had a small room. The bed on the left with its pink covers and white pillows, the balcony in the middle, the empty cabinets and bookshelves on the right, and the old white study desk and chair I used by the closet in the corner of the room. It was a nice room. I always liked it since I was small. I was always fond with the balcony though. Haru and I would always come to each other's rooms that way. We had a big board of wood connecting our houses so we would always crawl over to each others places. I remember Haru's hand when he stretched it out to help me crawl over. I went over to the balcony and opened it. The spring breeze blew in my face, my long hair flying back. I closed my eyes. I wonder if Haru's still here? I remember the promise we made, he would stay at his house until I came back, but that was when we were children. I don't think he remembers, he probably already forgotten and moved.

"Hey. Who are you?" I flung my eyes open. It was a boy. He was standing on the balcony of Haru's house and was directly facing me. He had silky brown hair almost like mines but darker. His eyes were sharp and copper colored. He had on a grey t-shirt and black sweats. His eyes looked at me questioningly, it got me scared for a bit. This guy isn't Haru. "Oh, um, nice to meet you, you're probably the new neighbor living in this house. Nice to meet you I'm Rin." The boy's eyes widened a bit and replied to me, " I dont know you, please leave." I felt a feeling of pain rush over me. "Huh?" I said weakly. "Leave. I don't want to live next door to you," he faced me and looked at me in the eye, "you seem like a distraction." I felt like my whole world cracked. My feelings were hurt. I think I'm returning back to my crybaby side. "O-oh. Sorry. I'll leave right away.." I stammered, "it must be really weird to have a stranger show up without knowing huh. I'm sorry I'll leave." I turned around shut the balcony window, and closed the curtains. I felt like I was going to cry again. "Arghhhhhhh!!!" I screamed. I'm no longer a kid. I'm not going to cry. I ran downstairs, if he wants me to leave, fine by me. I grabbed my stuff and headed out the door steaming with madness. As I left I could feel his gaze on me from the balcony. Watching me leave.

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