Joker's Daughter

**Set during Bruce Wayne's time as The Batman** The telling of Joker's first daughter. The one he had with his ex-wife before he accidently killed her. Her name? Poison. Poison Joker. She is only eighteen and her father's dirty little secret. What will happen when she comes to visit Gotham? How will a certain Dark Knight react? And even better, how will her Daddy and his new family react? ***yellow due to some violence and gore scenes.***

The author doesn't own any characters owned by the distinguished franchise(s) that do own characters. However, the original characters and story line do belong to the author. No money or profit will or is intended to be made on this story. Thank you.**


13. The Jig Is Up...

I hitched a ride with Barbra and Dick to the hospital in the ambulance, disguised as their little friend; Jane Something or Other. My gang had stayed behind, actin as if I had headed back to the Fun House to hide or report to Daddy. But little did others know about my shapeshifter abilities. 

And, I was ready to scream. The stupid idiot Daddy Gordon didn't even let anyone other than him into Barbra's room! It was completely infuriating! 

But, I was able to see the people that came. The Most Eligible Bachelor of Gotham City and maybe even America, Bruce Wayne came though. So, that was very interesting. 

He looked very concerned and angry. But, he was the same height and build as Batman. And when I went up to Daddy Gordon and Bruce with tears falling down my face like a bloody waterfall. 

"Jane, are you alright?" Daddy Gordon demanded with concern. 

I brought my breathing up, making it look like I was starting to hyperventilate before I answered him. "Jim, why don't I take care of her? You need to be with your daughter. Give her these for me." Brucey said, handing over a bag full of Batman stuff. It even had a teddy bear wearing a BatGirl uniform. 

Oh the irony. 

Daddy Gordon smirked at Bruce and winked at him. "I'll give it to her. I'll send along her godfather's love then, shall I?"

"I'd love it if you did that for me, Jim. It's not everyday my goddaughter ends up in the hospital because of some crazy homicidal maniac."

"Indeed it is not..." Daddy Gordon muttered as he made his way back to the extremely guarded and battered down room that dear Baby Bat was now occupying. 

"Now... Uhhh... Dick? Could you come here please?" Bruce Wayne called out, looking very concerned about having an "emotional teenaged girl crying" in front of him.

"Yeah, Dad?" Dick said as he came up to us. 

Wait, DAD?! Ohhhh, Batsy, I've got you now!!

I hid the shock that was coursing through my body. I hadn't expected Batsy to be, so BRUCE FREAKING WAYNE!

"Ummm... How do you deal with....this?" Bruce whispered to Dick, glancing back at me in fear. 

Batman, afraid? Of a TEEN GIRL? Who would have thought...

"Ummm... Guys, I've got a question..." I "forced out through gasping sobs". I enjoyed this acting thing. Hehehehehe!

"Yes, Jane?" Bruce asked, a bit on edge. 

"I've always wondered this, and Dick never really explained this to me, but Bruce you're really young, you're like what? Twenty-four?"


I guessed his age right. Awesome... "How can you have an sixteen-year-old son?"

They shared a glance again. 

"Well... Dick was adopted by me when I was eighteen. And he was only ten. He lost his family and was in a really bad place. So, I adopted him. And he's always called me dad. So, there you go, Jane. Just don't go around screaming it out to the streets. Richard and I would like to keep his past in his past." Bruce said. 

I (of course) nodded my head solemnly and wiped the last of my tears away. 

Bruce visibly relaxed when he saw that my tears were receding. 

My phone went off at that moment. And I was hoping that Jane had the newest touch screen phone just as I did. I pulled it out and swiped at the screen to answer it. 

"Poison Flower! What is this I hear about the COMMISSIONER'S DAUGHTER BEING IN THE HOSPITAL ON YOUR FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL?!!" Daddy's voice screamed extremely loud at me. 

I quickly looked at the expressions on the other two's face. They heard him. And I could register the confusion on their faces. 

I quickly took this into my hands. "Excuse me? Who is this? How did you get my number??"

"POISON ACE JOKER!" He screamed at me. 

"Joo--Jo--Joker?" I stammered out convincingly terrified. 

He still didn't seem to get it. "ITS YOUR NAME!" 

"No... Iiii..tttsss. Not."

Bruce asked for my phone, I handed it over, "shaking" in "fear". 

"This is Bruce Wayne. Who is this?"

"Ahhhh.... Brucey, baby! It's meeeee!!!"

"Joker." Bruce answered, "Your laugh is very....peculiar and individualistic." 

"It is, isn't it? I'm sure if you make my daughter laugh, she'll sound the same. Always has.. Daddy's little girl!"

"Your daughter escaped the Police. She's in hiding. Nowhere near me. I would have assumed that she was with her maniac father by now." Bruce bit out. 

"Oh, she's not. She might be closer than you think though." And then the line went dead and my phone was thrown at me. 

"I like the lock screen wallpaper." Bruce smirked. 

I looked down, it was a 'I Love Batman' wallpaper. At least he didn't see the home screen. Where I drew a picture of me cutting Batman's mask off and revealing his face.

"What happened?" I asked. 

"His freak of a daughter is still at large."

"Oh." Was all I said. 

"He seemed to believe that YOU were her." He growled. 

I backed away, attempting to pull off the terrified look. "I'm... I'm not!"

"I'm not so sure. Dick, did Jane really NOT know about you?"

"I thought she was just hyperventilating and not being able to remember anything. You've been with us now than enough to know, Dad. But she definitely knew."

And thus, they cornered me. 

The jig was up. 

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