Joker's Daughter

**Set during Bruce Wayne's time as The Batman** The telling of Joker's first daughter. The one he had with his ex-wife before he accidently killed her. Her name? Poison. Poison Joker. She is only eighteen and her father's dirty little secret. What will happen when she comes to visit Gotham? How will a certain Dark Knight react? And even better, how will her Daddy and his new family react? ***yellow due to some violence and gore scenes.***

The author doesn't own any characters owned by the distinguished franchise(s) that do own characters. However, the original characters and story line do belong to the author. No money or profit will or is intended to be made on this story. Thank you.**


15. The Cat Is Out of the Bag

My knife was blocked with a gloved arm. The person there wasn't lucky it was night, it was MY time of the day. 

"Well. Well. Well. What do we have here? A psychopathic clown's daughter, I hear. Well, you're not exactly the cat's meow." A woman clad in black smirked at me. 

I laughed, well, cackled really at her. 

She hissed at me. 

I cackled harder. This was quite enjoyable. 

"What do you think you're doing here? I my town?!" She hissed at me. And I mean like a cat, a freaking HISS!

I looked at her, tilting my head to the side "contemplating" my answer. "Well, sweetie, I'm here because this is MY town now. My Daddy and I run it! Even Batsy knows that, sweetheart." I was being EXTREMELY condescending to her and she knew it. 

She glared at me and then launched herself at me in one fluid movement. 

For the first time, I was taken off guard and hadn't been expecting that. I moved almost a fraction of a second too late. She missed me, but I was almost her's. She hissed at me in fury and pulled out a whip. 

And she whipped her whip at me. I dodged it, but not without a scratch. It was caught on my wrist, leaving a deep cut that was bleeding incredibly fast. But it quickly healed itself and the only thing marring my strange white skin was my blood. 

She looked down at my arm and back up at me, perplexed and a little scared. 

"Sweetie, you're going to need more than that to hurt me." I said with a tilt of my head and a smile. 

She abandoned the hissing and started to growl at me. Interesting. 

"Now, now poppet, we don't want to do anything that's a bit too rash, now do we?"

She dropped her whip and picked up MY KNIFE. And came at me, holding MY KNIFE all wrong. "Let's see how you do with a dagger to your HEART!" She screeched at me just as she lunged at me again. 

I side-stepped her, grabbed her arm that was outward, holding MY KNIFE, and brought it around back in a cross-arm bar. I smirked when I heard her pathetic cry of pain, and ripped my knife from her weak grasp. I pulled her up right and shoved her against the water tower's flimsy guard rail with my precious knife on her throat. 

"What did I tell you, you pathetic excuse for a criminal?! I TOLD YOU THAT YOU DID NOT WANT TO DO ANYTHING RASH! AND THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FOR DOING JUST WHAT I TOLD YOU NOT TO!" And with that, I cut her on her collar bone, jaggedly, going to her opposite shoulder. I went pretty deep too, on purpose. 

She was crying and howling from the pain, but I really couldn't have cared less. It was time to mar her pretty little face. And I did. Leaving two straight, vertical lines on both her cheeks. 

"I told you not to screw with me. And this is what you get." I whispered to her angrily. 

"Poison." A deep, dark voice called my name. 

I paid it no mind. 

"Now, are you going to stop trying to off me, you Scaredy Cat?" I asked, pulling away slowly from her. 

"Poison!" The voice was demanding my attention. 

I ignored it again. I knew who it was and I really couldn't care to deal with him right now. 

She nodded. But I didn't buy it. Not letting her go, I grabbed her whip from her hip. "I'll just take this, as a precaution, sweetheart."

She meekly looked at me and nodded. 

"POISON!!" He yelled this time. 

I couldn't go on ignoring him forever. "WHAT, BR-- BATSY?!" I screeched, whirling around with my bloodied hands holding my bloodied knife. 

He didn't even cringe. Instead he slowly walked past me and looked at the hag that had just tried to off me. "Are you okay, Cat Woman?" He asked, offering her a hand up. 

She took it gratefully and started to pout at him, almost "fainting" on the spot. I growled at her a warning, and she IGNORED my warning. 

"Batman! Thank you so much for saving my life! I don't know how I could ever repay you!" She said, leaning against his tall frame, hands resting "casually" on his chest.

And he DID NOTHING TO STOP HER! "Cat, you need a hospital."

"No!" She hissed. "I mean, can't you fix me up, Batsy?" She was USING THE JOKER FAMILY NAME FOR HIM! 

I don't know what had come over me, but after she did that, I pulled Bruce/Batman back by his cape and pushed him behind me. The slimy little cat was standing perfectly fine! I KNEW she was playing at something! 

What I didn't get though, was just HOW she had lived through my attacks! 

She carefully tugged at the cut across her collar bone and to her shoulders, and her skin pulled away easily, almost like it was dead. "D--n! That was my second life." She moaned. 

Second life? Is she seriously a friggin CAT?! 

"Want me to take the other seven?!" I offered sweetly. 

She stiffened and had (apparently) associated me with danger and hissed at my wonderful offer. 

"No? I thought not. Well, sweetie, I suggest you GO then!"

She looked between me and my raging jealousy and Batman. She seemed to put two and two together. Where as, Batman was stupid enough to have NOT noticed. 

"Bruce...?" She whispered dejectedly. 

"EXCUSE ME?!" I growled, rounding on him. 

He looked like he was going to run. 

"What did she just say?" 

He didn't run. In fact, he couldn't. I made sure of that. 

"I don't know?" He offered me. 

I looked at him and pulled out my knife, threw it behind me and it lodged itself deeply in her head. Killing her again. 

Six left. 

"You really didn't have to kill her again..." He sighed, moving to her. 

I stopped him as I pulled out a gun, pointed it at him and said, "You're right. I should have killed you. Maybe you'd come back from the bloody dead as well!" 

He reached for my arm and pushed the gun down, knowing some HOW that I wouldn't kill him. 

"Calm down, Poison." He said soothingly. 

Too bad for him I wasn't about to be soothed. I whipped the gun around as I heard her starting to move again, and the sound of my knife being dropped to the ground. I shot her twice in the heart. 

Five left. 

He cringed at the sound of the shots I had just fired. "Remind me not to p--s you off." He said to me as he slowly grabbed my waist and pushed me down the ladder. I stopped, disappearing to be next to the cat, picking up my knife. She was stirring again. 

And that wouldn't do. I smirked at Batman as I slit her throat wide open, seeing her esophagus and wind tunnel, blood was spurting everywhere. 

Four left. 

Batsy made to come and get me. I disappeared and reappeared in front of him. "Fine. I get it. I'm going."

"Poison..." He sighed, sounding completely tired and overly exhausted. 

I turned back to him, putting my hand on his neck to steady myself and to remind him that I AM a killer. "What?" I asked. 

"What was that all about?" He asked me imploringly. 

I turned back around and with a laugh, I jumped off the ladder, falling through the air extremely fast. 

"POISON!!!" The strangled cry escaped from Batman's throat as I was plummeting down to the hard surface of the Earth. 

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