Joker's Daughter

**Set during Bruce Wayne's time as The Batman** The telling of Joker's first daughter. The one he had with his ex-wife before he accidently killed her. Her name? Poison. Poison Joker. She is only eighteen and her father's dirty little secret. What will happen when she comes to visit Gotham? How will a certain Dark Knight react? And even better, how will her Daddy and his new family react? ***yellow due to some violence and gore scenes.***

The author doesn't own any characters owned by the distinguished franchise(s) that do own characters. However, the original characters and story line do belong to the author. No money or profit will or is intended to be made on this story. Thank you.**


12. Barbra Gordon's Stupidity Returns

"Did I hit a nerve, sweetie?" I smirked at Barbra. 

"Release. My. Boy. Friend!" She snapped at me, anger and fear in her eyes as she gazed at me mercilessly with as much intimidation as she could. 

Which, I might add, was not much. Especially when you're glaring down a Joker. 

Dick nodded his head in agreement with Barbra's statement. 

"That's okay," I began, making sure that it was low enough that only they could hear me, "I have a thing for that hunk of winged bat." And with that, I flipped off of Dick and took Barbra in my arms in a fierce hug. 

"Let me see that pretty little decoration of yours." I whispered to her and then I grabbed her arm and took my knife out. 

"Do you remember? Do you remember the blood dripping off your arm and then covering my knife's blade. Do you remember the taste of your blood? I do."

She was shaking in fear once again from her memories. She pushed it down, swallowing her fear and looked at me with defiance. "I remember it all. And I also remember how you let me live. You're not as despicable as you want to be. You don't like killing. You have morals. You have everything that your sweet, wittle Daddy doesn't. You're nothing like him!" She spat at me. 

"You're wrong, sweetheart. I let you live because I didn't want to bring Daddy out of Gotham to help fight my problems. I can kill you right here right now if I wanted to. But sadly, I've got to keep you're air-headed self around to figure out some interesting things. But for now... Let's make another matching scar on the other arm, shall we?" With that, I slit a line right down her arm and it was identical (but younger) than the one on her other arm. 

She shrieked out in pain and I pushed her skin together, coaxing more of her life out of her arm. She hissed in pain as I did so. I left it be for a minute, and called the girls over to me. 

"Go tail that butler." I told them. They followed the older man discreetly as he slipped out of the classroom.

I turned back to my new BFF. "Let's go, I'm gonna take you to your new home." I smirked devilishly. 

"No, I have a home. And your Hell Hole isn't it!" She snapped, ripping her hand from my grip and landing a well placed kick to the side of my head. 

It did nothing for her. I wasn't dazed or stunned, I didn't wen move from the "impact". No, I stood stock still, and she knew she couldn't do anything now. 

"You want to fight?" I cackled, rolling my head back and laughing out loud. "Let's fight then!" I flipped backwards and cartwheeled to the window, landing on its tiny ledge. 

She looked around the room with reasoning. Knowing that if she fought too well, she'd expose herself to her father, whom I'm willing to bet doesn't know a thing about her nighttime adventures with Dick and his father. But, failing to fight at all would make her look like a wimp in front of her boyfriend and peers. As well as her teacher, who was still huddled in the fetus position in a corner, crying. 

I could see the gears whirring throughout her head, knowing that she would pick the former, rather to expose herself as the true fighter she is rather than let all these people give her a wounded pride and ego or get hurt. 

She landed agilely next to me with a smirk penetrating through her eyes. "Let us indeed fight." She said. 

And she swung first. Trying to hit my jaw with a right hook, ignoring the pain from her new cut. 

I dodged it, letting her fall, she had become unbalanced when her fist didn't hit her mark. She growled at me in annoyance. 

I giggled, and let my forefinger go back and forth while making "tsk"ing noises at her. 

She lunged at me, forgetting her resistance to expose her true power, and she was on me in half a second. 

She was fighting much better than last night, I guess I enraged her enough. 

"Fighting has proved, Miss Gordon. What is it that changed so fast? Ohhh, did I make the ickle wittle baby all upset?"

She pulled my hair with a lot of force, trying to out wit me. 

I let her pull on my hair, not moving an inch.

Her eyes became as round as plates, confusion tuning through her body. 

I slowly lifted my hand around my head, pulling her hand with a vice grip out of my hair, letting her know fear. 

I flung her forward, she crashed into the chalk and white boards. I smirked as I saw more blood spilling from her body. 

"Had enough, sweetie?"

"You....," she coughed up some blood, letting it pool by her face and grimaced. "Wish..." She finally croaked out, with another bout of blood. 

I didn't wish, actually. I didn't give a crap. So, I sung at her face with the heel of my boot, knowing full well that my hard heel would do more damage than what she probably thought that it would do. 

I landed the kick squarely on her right cheekbone, breaking that, her nose, and her jaw all in one blow. 

Her scream of pain was absolutely phenomenal. 

"Give up? It's a lost cause, honey. You can't beat me. No one can. And I'm a bloody JOKER! We're the best in the business!" I smirked. 

She didn't get a chance to answer before she fell into the little thing known as unconsciousness. 

Well, at least this'll get her close family and friends to her bedside. And fairly soon. 

I pulled out my phone, unlocked it with a swipe of my finger and a typed in passcode. And dialed 991. She was going to need immediate care. 

"Hello, Police Department, may I ask what the matter of your emergency is?" A female voice asked cheerfully. 

"Hello, I seem to have beaten Barbra Gordon to a bloody pulp where she is now unable to stand, be awake, or breathe properly. And, yes there is a lot of blood." I smiled into the receiver. 

The gasp that ensued on the other side of the line made me smirk with triumph. 

"Where... Where is she?" The lady struggled to say. "And who...who"

"Oh, she's here, at Gotham High School. In room twohundred-fifteen. And me? You already know my name. It's Poison. Poison-Ace. JOKER!" 

The woman on the other line once again gasped and I heard what sounded like the dropping of a phone and running down the hall from the phone she was just speaking to me on. 

"You might want to hurry!!" I called into the phone's receiver and then hit the end button. 

They were coming and I could already hear the sirens. 

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