Joker's Daughter

**Set during Bruce Wayne's time as The Batman** The telling of Joker's first daughter. The one he had with his ex-wife before he accidently killed her. Her name? Poison. Poison Joker. She is only eighteen and her father's dirty little secret. What will happen when she comes to visit Gotham? How will a certain Dark Knight react? And even better, how will her Daddy and his new family react? ***yellow due to some violence and gore scenes.***

The author doesn't own any characters owned by the distinguished franchise(s) that do own characters. However, the original characters and story line do belong to the author. No money or profit will or is intended to be made on this story. Thank you.**


1. A Surprise for Daddy

Hi hi hi!! I'm the Joker's eldest and first daughter, Poison Ace Joker. I'm eighteen, kinda crazy like Daddy. And I happen to be the Queen of Villains here in Metropolis. Course, that flying Boy Scout has never faced me, too busy watching over baby Lex Luthor. That idiot never got anything done right.

But Daddy taught me better. He taught me how to kill, how to confuse, how to win.

His stupid little girlfriend has no idea about me. No idea that her "Puddin" was ever actually in love with someone else. That whenever her "Mistah J" goes on "business trips" to Metropolis, he's really coming to see his favorite daughter and girl in the world...


Now, I know what you must be thinking; how does Daddy do this?

Well, Harley is a complete idiot who will believe anything her precious "Sugar" will tell her. But guess what! I just came to my Home Town with a bang.

I just robbed The Joker. He won't care. After all, he's my Daddy and I can kill just as fast as he can. I just ran off with his (almost) entire stock of Joker Gas. And oh! Lookie here! Speak of the Devil herself. It's Harley Quinn.

I better hurry up and meet at the rendezvous point with my back up team. Plus, I don't know about you, but I'd like a HUGE audience to reveal myself to the Hippie. I'm thinking about taking a page out of Daddy's book and break out the inmates locked up in Arkam Asylum.

We met there. At Arkam, I mean. And the girls giggled and high-fived me. We quickly set up the charges.

Then, one of those twitty, dumb twins showed up.

Great. Just what I need! I thought bitterly. But, then I realized that I could use her to my advantage. I quickly blindsided and attacked her, tying her up and to the Lightning Rod.

"Don't worry, Sugar. You won't be alone for long." I smirked at her as I mocked her idiot mother.

"I know. Oh look, hi Jess." The one tied up said with a wink.

"Hi Jess!" Came a reply.

Good, I saw this coming. I wanted the both of them here. I whirled around, fake shock on my face. "What?! There's two of them?!" I said with false confusion.

They smiled an--I guess they thought it was--identical evil grin. But I just flipped my long blood red and green hair to confuse them. It worked. Then, I had the other one down for the count and tied up with her sister in less than thirty seconds.

So far, I had taken out my stupid half sisters all by myself. No help from my team at all.

Then, Mama Bear came in. And she started to shriek at me for "tying up our princesses of crime." And from behind her, with an evil laugh and cackle, came out Daddy on his new flying skateboard, wielding spray canisters of Joker Laughing Gas.

I made a cackle identically to his.

His face contorted in fear and horror.

Then a Bat and Bird made an appearance. "Joker--" the Bat started.

I cut him off with a smirk and a "Yes, Batsy?"

"What is going on?!" The Bat was finally able to demand.

"Just a little get together, lover." I answered saucily.

An eyebrow was raised in question by Batsy.

I just blew him a kiss.

Daddy almost fainted. I grinned at him.

"And just who are you?!" Harley Quinn whined.

"Didn't Daddy tell you?" I asked innocently.

She looked at me stupidly.

Daddy paled.

I giggled.

Harley glared at me.

"I'm the Princess of Crime, Puddin! I'm Poison. Poison Joker!" I laughed hysterically and then pressed the Big Red Button in my hand and an explosion went off and I destroyed half of Arkam Asylum.

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