My Heros One Direction

Hi im Macy i'm 17yrs old my full name is Macy Cullens im from london and i get bullied alot but im used to it im sorta girly sorta tomboy but i dont wanna ruin your reading so WELCOME TO MY WORLD!!!


8. my first date

Macy's pov

   Do you remember when Nathan asked me to be his girlfriend? Yes? Well tonight is our first date and hes picking me up about 8 and taking me somewhere i think he said a park...... o well im a terrible listener. anyway ive finished getting ready about 7:45 when i just finished looking at myself i heard the doorbell. hes here 15mins early! i open up the door "you ready babe?" "yes babe" we arrive at the park (skip date)

Liam's pov

    i cant believe Nathan and Macy are going out they look so good together! anyway i feel bad for ni he said he REALLY REALLY liked Macy but i know Nathan and he'll be a good boyfriend.

 Nathan's pov

    I cant believe i'm goin out with Macy shes just so WOW!!!!! And i think ill tell her that i was talked into beating her by me ex-girlfriend Jamie who had sex with Jay right after she talked me into it. 

   Zayn's pov

    So i sit at home alone sucks to be me cause i live next door to a fan. i feel real bad for ni and so does louis harry and liam he needs to find a good girl like Macy. so im tried hooking him up with Chloe this girl i met till she said she was going out with Max!!!!!! but i didnt think shed be good for ni after what she said.

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