My Heros One Direction

Hi im Macy i'm 17yrs old my full name is Macy Cullens im from london and i get bullied alot but im used to it im sorta girly sorta tomboy but i dont wanna ruin your reading so WELCOME TO MY WORLD!!!


3. meeting them

Louis's pov

  our first subject is music we stand in the front of the classroom waiting for the bell and a beautiful girl walks in the room she stands there shocked. "hey im louis this is niall harry zayn and liam and were one direction!! and your?" "Macy"  wow she was so beautiful and i like the name macy. 

   Jamie's pov

i walk into music with the s***** Macy god i hate her guts i walk in to find here talking to Gay Direction?! "Hey quit talking to this s****** you might catch her ugly disease" "hey that wasnt nice we happen to think Macy is beautiful and not a s*****" the blonde one said i just rolled my eyes and sat down. 

   Macy's pov

  Niall called me beautiful?! WAS I DREAMING?! ive never heard those words before. Mr.Allan said i was to show them around and tell them about the school i just nodded and walked out the door with them behind them.

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