My Heros One Direction

Hi im Macy i'm 17yrs old my full name is Macy Cullens im from london and i get bullied alot but im used to it im sorta girly sorta tomboy but i dont wanna ruin your reading so WELCOME TO MY WORLD!!!


21. concert time!!!

  Niall's pov

   So its time for the concert!! My Bananacakes is excited maybe a little TO EXCITED!!! But anything to make my princess happy!! " babe can i ask you something?" i asked " totally" she said. " do you like nathan???" " for fucks sake NO!!! he cheated on Mackie!!" "ok cause theres a rumor going around that you love him" "ni i love you and only you for forever and always" and with that we kissed then made out till some one yelled "GET A ROOM!!!" and of couse it was bubbles. " sorry" we said and went red


  Bubbles pov

  So we ALMOST went on stage without BreeBree cause she was kissing niall. so i yell GET A ROOM!! and with that they went red. we sang and did the funniest shit with the boys. the boys manager is now our manager and were touring!! YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hazza still claims he "loves"me but i just found out that hes dating Cat and im not thrilled about it shes a bitch!!!


Hazzas pov

  im dating an AMAZING girl her name is cat and shes just amazayn (see what i did there) 



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