the story of my life

charlet is just a abnormal 17 year old girl. her life was going great.... well besides everyone calling her a geek what will happen when she gets a new neighbor who messes her life a bit. what will happen when someone from her past come back and bites her on the bum. or will there be death in the story...... who knows?


5. voices

nialls p.o.v (something different :))

i was standing there next to charlet and her friend when i herd 4 familiar voices scream out "NIALL mate" i looked around and saw my 4 best friends. lou came up to me and talked me joined by all the others "MATES I CANT BREATH" i gaped out "oops sorry" they all said. "umm niall who is this young lady" harry said very sexually "shes my neighbor" "oh well than" "i'm not interested sorry" charlet said whit mad all of us crack up except harry "too soon mate too soon" liam said. "well are you going to introduce us or what...." zayn said "oh right charlet this is "


charlets p.o.v (sorry nialls did't last long)

"oh right charlet this is harry the flirt" niall said pointing at the curly harid boy who just tried to hit on me "this is louis the immature one" he pointed to the guy with a striped shirt with red skinny jeans with awesome suspenders "this is zayn the mysterious one" i giggle when he said that. he pointed to a black haird dude with tattoos witch i think is illegal for his age but o well. "this is liam the serious one and responsible" he pointed to a boy with light shaggy brown hair which look so beaut full. "and this is niall the one who eats and laughs alot" louis shouted. we all giggled for a while then the bell went so we had to go our separate ways, luckily for me i was stuck with niall.

~at lunch~

we all met up than sat at a deacint looking table which was big enough for all seven of us (the boys,me and charlie) "so charlet are you and niall a couple" louis asked making kissy faces "NO i only just met him the smorning" "oh so your free" harry asked. that little hooker. "i never said i was free" i replied baking myself up and feeling proud of it. "well that can be arranged" "I SAID I'M NOT INTO YOU OK" i shouted feeling a bit pissed "ok..ok" we all ate our lunch talking about random things and laughing hear and there but all in all it was fun.

~after school~

i said goodbye to all the boys and charlie and took niall to go pick up my sister. we arrived at her class and i said she needed to hurry up because she will miss the bus. "wait i want to say goodbye to all my friends""what friends" i joked :i'm telling mum "dibber dobber" "fine i'm coming" we arrived at the bus station and i told abby to stay there. "'im old enough to walk home" "no your not, now just wait there" me and niall started walking home in silence , but i hate silence so i decided to break it "so how was your first day at your new school" i asked being very quiet for a random reason "it was great know knowing that all my friends are here" "cool i'm glad you enjoy it". as we saw a nearby park cumming up niall ran up to the swings and sat down. i ran over to him and sat on the other swing beside him. we looked into each others eyes as we stood up. "charlet you have the most amazing blue eyes" "why thank you" right then and there i saw something in his eyes. but i'm not shaw what it is. we stayed staring at each other for i gess ws a while but i dident care. his face getting closser and closser when we where only inches apet we where about to kiss when we hered a pissed of laddy voice call nialls name i snaped my head and look to who it was. oh no not the populars.... 

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