the story of my life

charlet is just a abnormal 17 year old girl. her life was going great.... well besides everyone calling her a geek what will happen when she gets a new neighbor who messes her life a bit. what will happen when someone from her past come back and bites her on the bum. or will there be death in the story...... who knows?


7. lilly?

nialls p.o.v

"lilly?" "yes niall i'm back for you"(hahaha see what i did "there:)) "oh and is this your new girlfriend?" "n-" "charlet you don't deserve him!" then and there lilly pushe charlet down to the grown and the started laughing at her "you don't fit in so why dont you just go hide where no one can ever see your ugly ass face again" "LILLY! stop or ill call the poli-" lilly smashed her lips om mine and she had her hand on the back of my head pushung my face into hers. i treid to pull away and help charlet up but lilly's force was to power full. so i smaked her on the face and she went home crying tears streaming down her face. i felt bad for hitting her but she shoult have kissed me. i helped the weeping charlet off the grown put she rufsed to look at me. she had her head in her hands and i could start to see blood dripping from her hands.

harry's p.o.v

bring bring my phone started to go off i looked at the name butt it just said private. i wonder who it is? i piked up the phone and pressed the answer button. "hello?" "oh hey harry this is lilly" "oh hey babe"

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