the story of my life

charlet is just a abnormal 17 year old girl. her life was going great.... well besides everyone calling her a geek what will happen when she gets a new neighbor who messes her life a bit. what will happen when someone from her past come back and bites her on the bum. or will there be death in the story...... who knows?


13. forever crying

charlet's p.o.v

the movie finished and i told harry i was going to the lady's wash room.when i was in the cubical i happen to look down in the next cubical (not to be rude) and i saw nialls green vans and lillys heels raped in each other. at that moment i ran out of the toilets and straight into the arms of harry.

niall's p.o.v

 i herd someone come in and go in the cubical beside us. i had no clue what i was doing, but i knew it was not right. my thoughts got disrupted by a familiar cry, OH NO NOT CHARLET. i pushed lilly of off me and ran out of the toilets where i saw charlet running into the arms of harry. she was boiling her eyes out, at that moment i felt so broken and lost.



hey guys sorry i haven't update in a while but i thought this would be a good late Christmas pressie to all hope you had a wonderful day and again i'm really sorry but i have the next few chapters written in my book i just have to type them. and...... HOLLY MACARONI i have 227

 reads, i was over the moon about 15 reads. anyway thanks to everyone who has supported me and in the next few chapters i will be doing shutouts so tell me a whats the best thing about this book and i will go to your page and select a book and shout it out. ok have to go bye hope you like the chappie there is BIG drama hap pining in the next few:)

see you my little potatoes :)

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