the story of my life

charlet is just a abnormal 17 year old girl. her life was going great.... well besides everyone calling her a geek what will happen when she gets a new neighbor who messes her life a bit. what will happen when someone from her past come back and bites her on the bum. or will there be death in the story...... who knows?


9. fore ever dancing

lilly's p.o.v

i called up harry because i was so miserable and sad that my niall hit me! bring bring "hello" oh my god how much i missed that voice "hey harry this is lilly" " oh hey babe" did he just call me babe?

"harry you know louis will get up you if you try anything on me" "i know but  because he's your brother doesn't mean anything"


charlets p.o.v

i had blood dripping from my hands i needed to stop this so i ran home not caring about niall because he doesn't care about me, and all he cares about  is that stupid lilly. as i ran as fast as i could (with the state i'm in). i could see red droplets in the snow. oh great i look like a fool. only one more block to go and ill be home. i turned the corner huffing and puffing from how long i was running, i speed walked to my house, onec i reached the house i burste in and ran straight up to the bathroom not realising i had only 10 minits until dance started. soi decided to multy task i wiped my nose (which had finaly stoped bleeding) and then went to my room to get changed and brush my messy hair into a big balirina bun.

~5 mins later~

i finished parking my dancing bag and garbed my iPhone of off my bedside table. i dialed maude (which is my fav name(French)) and headed out side.

as i got outside i ran to the car and as i was getting in maude picked up.


"oh hey its me charlet"

"charlet where are you your gonna be late"

"i know,i know"

"well i have to go bye"

"c ya"

with that i hanged up the phone and sat the reast of the car ride in silence"

~5 mins later~

we arrived at the dance studio and i literally jumped out of the car and on my way said thanks to mum.

i ran inside, and as i did i could here the stretching music going so i chucked my stuff in my looker and then ran into class.

~after dancing~

as soon as we go out of class i herd my phone vibrate in my loker so i got it out and looked at the caller id, private? i piked up the phone and said,


"hey this is niall"

"umm hey niall what do you need"

"oh nothing i'm just telling you that your parents and sister went out for dinner and they asked if i could pick you up"

"oh ok then. do you know where the studio is"

"uhh i have got directions here so i should be fine"

"alright see you in a few"

"kk bye"

i hanged up my phone and turned to maude and said "that was my naighbor, he's comming to pick me up"

"oh its a boy hey"

"yer my neighbor"

"oh is that him" i turned around and saw that blond hared blue eyes boy

"yer that's him. well that's my Que to go"

"see you tomorrow"

"ok bye"


i walked out of the studio and niall escorted me to his car which was a blue Suzuki swift.

~at home~

"well thanks for the ride"

"no problem any time...... oh and sorry about before"

"no its ok but... is she ...your..."

"no, she was but when i moved back to Ireland she dumped me."

"oh sorry"

"no its not your fault"

"ok well its getting late, thanks again for the ride"

"ok well goodnight"


i went to my room not caring about dinner because i was too extorted from dancing.

i got into some pj's and then went to bed, dreaming about me and niall. 


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