1. wake up

*its time to get up its time to get up !!*

My dad yelled to me .

Uggggg ok I'm up I'm up

I sighed as I walked to my bathroom I quickly straitened my hair and did my make up not to much just mascara and lip stick.

I ran to my room and looked for something to wear.

Ripped skinnys with my imagine dragons shirt and my black converse is what I settled on. I ran down stairs grabbed a apple and my skateboard as I ran out the door

Bye mom bye dad !! I yell to them then I left the house.it takes about 10 to 15 minutes to get to my new school

. and I made it on tim

e that's a first I'm usually never on time but I guess this is the closest I've ever lived from my school so that's probably why I made it on time.

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