2. horror

I skated in to the parking lot of my new school

The horror of going to a new school half way in to the year that's what got to me. I stopped as I got to the front doors of the school and took a deep breath then walked in. I found the office and walked in

*hi* a lady greeted me as I walked in umm... HI I replied to her a bit Rude

She looked at me funny and said ok Hun what are you in here for

I'm a new student I said politely this time

Oh ok well go to that desk I've there and search for your name and print out your schedule

I did as I was told and found my name in seconds and printed out my schedule and walked to my first class science room 229

When I got to the room I found a seat at a table that no one was sitting at and I sat there at least 5 minutes

passed before a teacher

walked in

then a bell rung ok class quiet quiet the teacher said just as he stopped talking 5 boys walked in And If I say for my self dam they we hot. Ok boys go sit at the table in the back. Shit I was sitting back here I hope there's another table behind me beacouse I'm not good with people and just my luck they came and sat at the table I was sitting in. Hi the curly haired one said hello I replyed to him shyly with my head down. Hey you can talk to us we don't bite after he said that I giggled a bit. There we go I made her smile he said back to me

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