3. feelings ? maybe

Chapter 3

I spent that hole period laughing at those boys oh yea and there names are Harry Louis Niall Liam and Zayn they were looking at my schedule and we have all the same classes. They showed me to my next class which was English I was pretty good at English then math study hall lunch and reading and gym that was my schedule at the end of gym I got on my skateboard and left the school I stopped at the gas station to buy something to drink and I saw harry there I skated up to him.

Hey stranger I said to him hey brittney do u want a ride? He asked me

Umm.. Yea sure let me go buy something to drink first

Ok I'll be in that car he pointed to a car with the rest of the boys in it

Ok be right back I said

Harry's POV:

I walked to the car and jumped in the back seat with Niall and Liam make room guys I told Britney we would take her home

Ok we'll y'all will be tight back there louis said

Oh we'll it's worth it I replied to him

Look she's conning wow I said

Wow what Niall said

Nothing I mean I just realized how just wow she is beautiful I replied to Niall

Mate do you like her? Zayn asked me

Umm.. I don't know yet we will find out next week maybe Brittneys POV:

I walked to the car with my skateboard in one hand my tea in the other once I got to the car harry opened the door for me and let me in

Hey guys I said

HI Brittney they all said

When harry got in a awkward silence came.

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