I'm still with you!

Even though I'm gone I'm still with you<3


1. Fading

I sobbed loudly while I was running and panting heavily as I heard the sound of him screaming my name getting more faded. I can't believe he would cheat on me with one of my best friends. I don't know who to be more angry at her or him!It doesn't matter! I - I just need my best friend right now. I whipped out my phone and found Liam's contact and pressed call. As it rang I walked towards the pedestrian crossing and pushed the button. I waited for ages and not a single car came but I'm a good girl so I continued to wait for the green man.I heard the un-even footsteps of a drunk man coming up behind me. It was dark out and I was alone and a pretty much empty street. The man pushed me into the road just as the only car all night came around the corner. Everything went black as I fell towards the ground. The last thing I ever saw was my distraught best friend climbing out of his car and running towards me. Even though I could no longer see I felt him crouch next to me, I felt him shaking and sobbing and felt his heart breaking. I felt myself slipping away - fading.

I was dying.

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