nialls heart💕

india has an abusive family and runs away and what she finds along the way must be love


1. strong💛

India's p.o.v

it was a Saturday morning I woke up to my dad screaming for me "india get ur ass down her now" I think he might be drunk. "go get me some more beer!" but dad u have already had 3cases I think u need to stop.

The next thing I know he slapped me in the face and said stop being a bitch and hurry up!!

Ever since my parents got a divorce my dad hasn't been the same he was starting to be violent towards me. i can't take it anymore he pushed me out the door and shut the door. next thing I know is I am running as fast as I can!

I kept looking back to see if he was following then next thing I know is that am on the floor on top of a handsome blonde hair blue eyed prince who looked familiar.

Niall's p.o.v

on this Saturday me and the lads were on are way to nandos but I needed to go too the loo. as I was walking out of the bus I see this girl running full speed ahead of me and next thing I know she was on top of me!

I didn't quite know what to do so I just looked her in the eyes, she had these beautiful blue eyes and long blonde hair. for some reason I didn't want her to move and I wanted to stay like this for forever!

India's P.O.V

He just was staring me straight in the eyes and smiling and for some reason I kinda liked it. I finally got off of him and said

"omg I am so sorry I'm so clumsy" he just smiled and said "don't worry about it love, where u off to?" I kinda just froze not knowing what to say and the words slipped out of my mouth"idk I don't have a home anymore"

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