Oh Shit

I could have stayed in rehab for years,but they let me out for no reason.Just like that.I thought it would have some catch to it,but no.Everything was perfectly fine.It's so weird to have things perfectly fine in my world.I went inside my house.I checked around.Looked for someone.And there they were.All in my room.Everyone.My friends,family,and my love.But I couldn't speak to them.I approached them.I was back in rehab.It will never end.I will always screw it up.


1. Perfectly Fine.


This bitch again.My eyes shot open and I pushed her clammy hands away from my shoulders."What now?" 

"Watch it."She straightened herself up."You were screaming.What now?"

"I wasn't screaming."I wiped my forehead with the back of my hand.

"You're sweating." 

"I know.So?"

"What were you dreaming?"

"Your dick." I muttered and laid back on the headrest of my bed.

"Very funny."She smirked and handed me a glass of water."Take your medication.Be sure to get nicely dressed today."She headed for the door.

"Why?"I looked at the end of the bed and saw a floral dress that looked like the one that my grandma wore in my birthday party-it was.I remember.Almost all my life I've been in rehab.I don't remember why.No one ever told me why.I just remember walking in and seeing a big 'Welcome Home' sign.I don't remember anything.Not even my family.Only a good friend of mine;Juliet.

"We're going out."She slammed the door behind her.

I hated this place.I swallowed the pills and gulped down my glass of water.I've never seen the outside world.I mean...I have,but I've never been out past the fence.I was an animal.

"I have to get ready then."I sighed and slid out of bed.

You're fine,Jc.Remember to do what I told you to do.Kill.


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