Oh Shit

I could have stayed in rehab for years,but they let me out for no reason.Just like that.I thought it would have some catch to it,but no.Everything was perfectly fine.It's so weird to have things perfectly fine in my world.I went inside my house.I checked around.Looked for someone.And there they were.All in my room.Everyone.My friends,family,and my love.But I couldn't speak to them.I approached them.I was back in rehab.It will never end.I will always screw it up.


4. Forgive Them Even If They Are Not Sorry.

"You're a disgrace.I should have locked you up with your sister."

"No.You did good."Juliet giggled."Jc and I are totally different people."

"Juliet,you both killed-

"No!That was Jc,remember?!You said so!You told the cops it was Jc!She's the crazy one!"Juliet took out her pocket knife and pointed it towards her mother.

"Put that down,Juliet."

Kill her!She's hurting you,Juliet.You know she is.She's just an obstacle that won't let you go through in life.Kill her.

"Emily,she's my mom.I can't kill her.Be quiet."Juliet whispered.

"Is Emily talking to you,Juliet?"Her mother rose her hands up slowly and approached her."Don't listen to her.She's tearing your family apart."

Tell her to stay away,Juliet.I'll come out and kill her if you don't do so.

"No,Emily."Juliet sighed."Stop."

She'll hurt you.

"I don't care anymore."

I warned you.

Juliet threw her knife on her bed."Get out of my room.Don't get me mad.Leave me alone."She said as she pushed her mother out of her bedroom.

"Juliet."Her mother put her foot on the doorway as Juliet was about to slam the door."Your sister's coming."

"Then let's have a nice party!"Juliet smiled widely and kicked her mother's foot away from the door."Let's make this the best,Crystal.Shall we?"She slammed the door shut and locked it.


 You actually thought your grandmother was coming,Jc?Stupid girl.

I stood outside of the gate.I thought this moment was going to be the best,but finding out that no one waited for me with arms wide open tore me apart.

"Let's go."My nurse opened the back seat of a black car for me."We don't have all day."

"Where to?"


"But I am home.There was a reason why they didn't want me here.There is a reason why I've been in this asylum all my life.My family doesn't want me.They threw me in here forever.Grace,why did they leave me?"

No.You can't find out!


"Grace!We have to get going!"

How convenient.

Grace pulled me by the arm and pushed me inside the back seat of the car.She put her index finger on her lips and hushed me before she closed the door and locked it.

I hope you finally realize the type of person you are,Jc.Juliet wasn't very nice when you met again in the hall.You both will kill each other.

"That was Juliet?!"


She's coming.I'm screwed.Fuck.Fuck.FUCK!Couldn't she just stay locked up forever?!I'm not letting her get me in trouble.I'll do anything to put her in her place.Even if I have to kill her.

"Juliet,come down stairs please!"Crystal yelled from downstairs.

I stabbed my little pocket knife on the wooden desk by the window.I took a deep breath and stretched.

"Emily."I called out."Come out,come out.Let's play."

Yes ma'am. 

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