Oh Shit

I could have stayed in rehab for years,but they let me out for no reason.Just like that.I thought it would have some catch to it,but no.Everything was perfectly fine.It's so weird to have things perfectly fine in my world.I went inside my house.I checked around.Looked for someone.And there they were.All in my room.Everyone.My friends,family,and my love.But I couldn't speak to them.I approached them.I was back in rehab.It will never end.I will always screw it up.


3. Everything Matters.

Wow.Hello beautiful.

I rolled my eyes as Kevin started to come back.

Nice dress.You wear it better than your grandma did.

"What?"I fixed my hair in front of the bathroom mirror.

Yeah.I mean,the day she wore it was a very special day.She tried to look her best in it,but you honestly pull it off better.

"What do you know about that day.You were there?Kevin,you have to tell me what happened."I froze.

Will you do as I say?

"Just so I get locked up in here forever?No."

Then I can't say a word about your birthday party.Jc,it was the best party you'll ever have.

"Fucking asshole."




"Someone's coming.Someone bad."

"Who do you think it is?"

"How the fuck am I supposed to know."Juliet threw her head back and laughed."Doesn't matter."Juliet looked at her arm as she injected the Heroin under the table."Oliver,did you hide him?"She whispered.

"Kind of had to,idiot."Oliver chuckled. 

"I get this ache and I thought it was for sex,but it's to tear that person to fucking pieces."Juliet sighed.

"This person that's coming,is he stronger than you?"

"I don't know.I don't think so."She got up from the chair.

"If they are?"

"We'll both die then."Juliet shrugged.

"I'll see you later then."Oliver started to play with his uncle's food.His uncle didn't mind.He never reacted to anything anyways.

"Yeah."Juliet headed towards the door."I hope."


"Be a good girl now."

"Yeah,yeah."Jc rolled her eyes as she walked down the hall with her nurse.She looked down at her new shoes and admired how shiny they were.She would always be bare-footed walking around the place.Only in certain places though.

"Watch it."Juliet bumped into her harshly.

"Sorry."Jc mumbled and rubbed her shoulder.

"Of course you are."Juliet smirked.

What a bitch.

"Shut up."Jc muttered.

"Excuse me?"Juliet's hand twitched as she was about to reach behind her.

"Apologize to her,Jc."The nurse said through gritted teeth.

"I'm sorry."Jc sighed.

"Yeah,yeah."Juliet shook her head and stumbled away.

Juliet,you weak bitch.How come you didn't stab her right there?

"Are you crazy?We're inside an asylum.They'll lock me up in here as well,so just be quiet.I'll kill her the next time I see her.I promise."Juliet mumbled as the heroin started to kick in."Who was she anyways?"

You were supposed to kill her right there.It was your chance.

"Listen Emily,I don't want to fight you right now."

Go ahead.You always end up losing anyways.You're the one that gets hurt.Not me.

"That doesn't matter."

It does...


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