Bad Boy

U turn 18 and your friend take u to a club for birthday.You don't like to go to parties and clubs but u r 18 so u wanna live your life.Oh let me tell u who u r,u r a sexy girl u are not fat and neither skinny u r normal and u have trained ass,it's not big but it is very nice haha u know what I mean.All the guys wanted u but u were that kind of person who do homework at Fridays.Well I think u now who u r so let's start the fan fiction.


3. Chapter 2

Kendall's POV

"I cant find anything"

"You can wear some of my clothes"


"here ,try this on"i said and handed her a short black dress

i sat on y/n's bed and pull out my phone.I taxed Maria(one of the girls):

Kendall:Hey,where r u bitch?

Maria:There in five,did she try the dress?

Kendall:Shes in the bathroom trying it right now.

Maria:Where here come open the door.


I went down the stair to open the door,i was so exited.


"HEEY"they all jumped on me.(Maria,Megan,Lisa and Maribel)

"Where is y/n?"

"Shes upstairs"



I looked at the mirror and wow i felled beautiful for the fist time.I opened the door and went out of the bathroom.

"Dayum u look sexyy!!!" maria said

"thanks,when did u came?"

"for like a minute ago"

"ok,so do you girls wanna do?"I asked

"We are gonna teach you some things about sex virgin girl"Megan said


"Cuz you are gonna have sex tomorrow,duhh!"

"And how do you know that?"

"Cuz I do,now sit your ass down"

I sat down and they started to tell me a lot of things,ugh I think I'm gonna throw up."

"Wanna watch a movie now?" Maribel asked

"Yea sure"

We picked a movie and when the movie was over all the girls were asleep so I went to sleep,gosh it's summer and it's my birthday can it get any better"

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