Bad Boy

U turn 18 and your friend take u to a club for birthday.You don't like to go to parties and clubs but u r 18 so u wanna live your life.Oh let me tell u who u r,u r a sexy girl u are not fat and neither skinny u r normal and u have trained ass,it's not big but it is very nice haha u know what I mean.All the guys wanted u but u were that kind of person who do homework at Fridays.Well I think u now who u r so let's start the fan fiction.


2. Chapter 1



"Shut up fucking alarm"my bestie Kendall said.

"Ugh,what time is it"I said

"6 in the morning"

"Kendy get up the girl are coming soon"

"Yeah yeah whatever"

We both got up and got dressed.

"What do you wanna eat"



"Here you go"

"Thanks Kendy"

"Ok,so tomorrow is you birthday,right?"


"We have planned that we are going to the new club"

"I'm not going to a club"

"You are going to turn 18 so yes you are"

"But why this new one"

"Cuz there will be a lot of sexy boys and cuz it's my dad's friends club"

"And how do you know there will be 'sexy' boys?"

"Cuz we are VIP"

"no way"

"haha yes"

"Ok the girls will be here in a hour"

"What do you wanna do?"

"Do you wanna choose what I'm gonna wear tomorrow?"


"Ok come on"

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