the sex(baby) project (a harry styles fanfic)

"I was partnered with the person that had made me suffer he had broke me destroyed me and made me feel like a nobody." What will happen when Jennifer and Harry get paired up for the baby project? Will they end up with a BIG problem because of there actions read to find out.


2. the project

It was my junior year and I loved it! My classes weren't as hard, the only class I didn't like as much was sex ed it was more advanced and well you had to do more things in that class it's not what you think what I meant by that is you had to have a fake baby bump on for 3 days and then you got married to a guy and worse of all you didn't even get to choose the guy you got married to, then last of all they gave you a stupid baby for 3 months oh and did I tell you that your 'husband' has to live under the same roof as you not the same bed but just house because they also want the boys to be in the baby's life. So basically I was stuck with a guy I didn't know and a stupid baby! Well anyways we were partnered up in a few hours since we had to get the whole baby project going.

( Jennifer's POV)

I had finally gotten into the sex ed class and oh boy I hoped that I got partnered up with my best gay friend cause he was awesome and he was just like one of the girls just a lot less drama! When I took my seat I saw Emily and Margaret walking into the class they sat next to me and I said "I hope I'm not stuck with Harry, Zayn, Louis or Liam I'm fine with Niall but not the rest I hate them all!" Margaret then asked me "why" they're all hot I would die to be paired up with any of them!" "Same here" said Emily I just rolled my eyes and then the Mrs. Bonnie walked in she greeted us with a 'good morning class' we all replied "good morning" she started explaining the whole baby project and how it would work "ok guys listen up the baby project is going to work like this so the girls will have a fake baby bump on for 3 days you have to walk around the whole day with that baby bump and your husbands HAVE to walk you to every single class also you won't be allowed to choose your husbands I will! And then both of you will have to take care of the baby for the next 3 months it will have a camera built in to it so I can see what you guys do to the baby understood? So if when the day that you guys turn the baby back in the baby is harmed or dead I will have to look at the tape and you will get an F for the semester also the mother and and father have to live together not in the same room or bed but in the same house because I don't want the girls doing all the work" is there any questions? Mrs. Bonnie asked. No one raised there hand. Alright then let's get this project started! First up Abigail Anderson with Andy Bart come up here please you Abigail I'm going to put the baby bump on you so then you guys can see how this thing works also this pressures your bladder so your teachers know that you'll be asking to go to the bathroom a lot I sent them an email. Alright next up is Margaret Carter and Zayn Malik, next is Emily Valenzuela and Niall Horan the next couple is Jennifer Chicas and Harry Styles my heart sank when she said that I wanted to quit the whole project and just get an F I went up with Harry and I could feel him stand behind me. I felt my face turning red as I was really angry and as soon as I got that stupid baby bump on I asked to be excuse to the restroom Mrs. Bonnie said you look a little sick why don't you go along with her Harry? I didn't want Anyone to come along i just wanted to cry my eyes out and then I said I'm fine I can go by myself "no Jennifer" mrs. Bonnie said " I want Harry to take you just in case" ugh I said and left the room Harry ran behind me and I said "I'm doing this project without you" he asked me "why do you hate me so much?" Then it all came back to me and I said "don't you remember what you did to me? You cheated on me and you made me feel like I was less you cheated on me with one of my best friends Harry at this point I was crying I tried to wipe the tears away as much as possible and continued talking I loved you Harry but after I saw you and Elizabeth making out and touching each other like that I lost all respect for you and I felt so stupid after that I have never trusted any other guy you made me feel useless like I was nothing to you and that I will never forget" I was crying a river by now and Harry said " Jennifer baby I never meant to hurt you that wasn't really meant to happen I was drunk you never let me explain anything you just left me behind like that and I've suffered for a long time without you by my side I haven't been able to talk to you until now" I then said I never talked to you because I just wanted to forget you and this stupid project is bringing me back to you. I saw hurt in his eyes but I really didn't care cause he caused me enough pain. I then said "you don't know how many nights I spent crying my eyes out asking myself was I really that bad was I not worth it for you? Then it came to me Elizabeth is tall, with blonde hair green eyes she is skinny a popular cheerleader then there is me I'm short a brunette, with brown eyes a geek and just plain I didn't wear those short dresses or skirts or shorts I didn't ever wear heels I couldn't even walk in them I didn't cover my face with foundation and she she has it all she was perfect and then their was me."

(Harry's POV)

How could Jennifer say that I thought. She's perfect and I loved her. I then said "Jennifer you think I go for that yeah maybe she has blonde hair so what? Her personality is trashy she never liked me for who I was she tried changing me and she made me do something I didn't want to do" Jennifer then said "then why'd you do it? She didn't put a gun on your head so you could kiss her and almost have sex with her did she? It was your actions Harry your choices you chose what you did she didn't choose it for you Harry I" the bell rang and she went back to sex ed to get her stuff and left to her next class with her eyes filled with tears I felt miserable what had I done? She was innocent she never did anything why did I do it? Thoughts were all over my head why did I fucking do it?

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