the sex(baby) project (a harry styles fanfic)

"I was partnered with the person that had made me suffer he had broke me destroyed me and made me feel like a nobody." What will happen when Jennifer and Harry get paired up for the baby project? Will they end up with a BIG problem because of there actions read to find out.


5. talking w/ Harry

Jennifer's POV

It was Saturday already and I was sleeping when I heard a knock on my front door I was home alone so I got out of bed threw my hair in a messy bun and ran down the stairs to open the door when I opened the door I saw a tall figure standing and he said with his thick British accent "morning love." "Harry?" I said "what are you doing here it's like 5 in the morning" I said "it's 10:30 am love did you go partying last night or something" he asked? "No well maybe for a bit" I said "well that explains it" he said "you can come in" I said in an annoyed tone. "Doesn't seem like you're too happy with me here" he said and smirked. "God how I hated when he did that stupid smirk" I said to myself "what do you want?" I said

Harry's POV

"god she looked so hot right now she was wearing a tank top, some shorts, and her hair was up in a messy bun" I thought to myself then quickly replied "well you said we could talk one of these days and today is the day" "ugh can I at least go take a shower first and get some clothes?" She said. Sure I said. She said I could look around and do whatever just to not destroy the house.

Jennifer's POV

I walked to my room and sat down I started crying because I had let the person that destroyed me walk into my life again and I didn't have an answer to why? Why had I let him walk back into my life I went to my closet and pulled out some jeans and a tank top then I went and turned on the shower and started undressing. I grabbed my phone and played warrior by Demi lovato I started singing along to it and started showering. I was starting to zone out when story of my life started playing I jumped a bit cause I got scared I remembered that song it hurt me to hear it so I quickly dried one of my hands and switched the song. About 15 minutes later I was done showering I got out the shower and went back to my room I closed the door behind me and put on my bra and panties after I was done w/that I grabbed my favorite lotion from bath and body works and started applying it. I then all of a sudden felt to strong yet sensitive warm hands wrap around my waist shit I said. I turned around to see Harry he was laughing at scaring me he said "sorry love, didn't know you weren't quite dressed yet" STYLES! I yelled at him he chuckled and said "what" I'm trying to change here! Now get out! I said trying to find my towel to cover up "alright" he said before walking out I quickly finished getting ready and I went down stairs to find Harry looking through my fridge I smiled and quickly said "busy there I see?" He turned around and said "yep a growing man has to eat." I laughed and said alright.

Harry's POV

I saw her she looked amazingly fit and she was just beautiful but there was something different that sparkle in her eyes wasn't there anymore her happiness was drained wow had I done this to her? Had it Been me who caused her so much pain? Let's go to Starbucks I said to her.

Alright she said and grabbed her purse and phone. We drove to Starbucks in silence. We then got there and she ordered a latte and I ordered a vanilla bean like the usual. We sat down and started talking I said so how have you been I haven't heard much about you lately. I said

"I've been fine"

Jennifer I know that's a lie you haven't been fine.

Jennifer's POV

Why would you care anyways if I've been fine or not I hissed at him.

"Because I care about you Jennifer, I've cared about you since the day I first met you" well Harry it didn't seem like it when you were kissing Elizabeth and almost having sex with her now did it you were so caught up on top of her that you forgot you HAD a girlfriend and now that you realized who she truly was you want me back I don't play like that styles. Now please take me home and we can talk about this at my house everyone is staring at us. "Alright Harry said. And drove me home.

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