the sex(baby) project (a harry styles fanfic)

"I was partnered with the person that had made me suffer he had broke me destroyed me and made me feel like a nobody." What will happen when Jennifer and Harry get paired up for the baby project? Will they end up with a BIG problem because of there actions read to find out.


17. chapter 16

Harry's POV

That car I would know who it was out of no where. These assholes need to leave me the fuck alone ugh I'll have to go talk to them tomorrow and see what there problem is and why they keep on following me but for now I need to get Jennifer away from them they're dangerous.

Jennifer's POV

I saw that car and it seemed awfully suspicious I felt like it was something dealing with me but I doubt it. We arrived to the amusement park and bought our admissions before entering the park. It was really loud but it was fun. I hadn't been to an amusement park in such a long time I was forgetting what it actually felt like to be in one. Hand in hand harry and I were walking around looking for some rides he seemed quite distracted though so I honestly don't know why, oh shit maybe it was because we get the stupid baby tomorrow fuck I totally forgot about that then he'll have to live in my house for a couple months fuck.

Harry's POV

Jennifer was thinking hard about something and it scared me "pennies for your thoughts" I said. She chuckled and look down at the ground. "You know our baby project starts tomorrow right?" She said. Fuck I thought to myself that shitty project starts tomorrow. "Bloody Mary I forgot" I said. She giggled and said "nice choice of words you got" I smiled at her and said c'mon let's just enjoy ourselves today and worry about that tomorrow I said. She nodded and said let's go on the batman ride! She was so excited I hadn't seen her like that in a long time.

5 hours later

Jennifer's POV

We were exhausted we had been on almost every single one of the rides twice. It was fun as hell. Harry drove me to my house and I walked in I saw he was out of his car but he wasn't behind me weird I wonder where he went. I walked into my room to see a shirtless harry on my bed I laughed and said "you could use the door you know" he shrugged and said didn't feel like it. I took off my shoes and plopped myself on my bed laying down next to him. I put my hands on his chest and felt his hard toned stomach. Before I knew it flipped me over and he was on top of me I blushed and he said "war time!" I wonder what he was talking about but I found out when he started tickling me I squirmed while asking him to stop! He finally stopped and I saw "sorry I tortured you with my horrendous laugh I didn't mean to" he looked at me with a frown and said "your laughter is music to my ears" I smiled and said well i think it's time you get going so wee not late for school tomorrow 'husband' he chuckled and said 'alright my beautiful wife' before he left.

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