the sex(baby) project (a harry styles fanfic)

"I was partnered with the person that had made me suffer he had broke me destroyed me and made me feel like a nobody." What will happen when Jennifer and Harry get paired up for the baby project? Will they end up with a BIG problem because of there actions read to find out.


13. chapter 13

Harry's POV

I woke up and Jennifer's head was on my chest god she looked so beautiful. I played with her hair until she suddenly fluttered her eyes open she look adorable when she had just woken up "good morning princess" I said. "Good morning babe" she said. We stared into each other's eyes. Then I leaned into a kiss she kissed back with so much passion that it made butterflies come to my stomach. I broke the kiss and said "you were amazing last night thank you" she blushed and said "not too bad yourself" excuse me I said. "Kidding she said you were spectacular" more then that I smirked. She laughed and I kissed her on the forehead while playing with her hair. Can we get some breakfast she said? I chuckled and said sure anything for a princess like you I said. She smiled and got out of bed.

Jennifer's POV

As soon as a got out of bed I felt a rush of cold air hit my skin I then realized I was still naked. I saw harry eyeing me from head to toe. I quickly wrapped the blanket around me feeling a blush creeping on my cheeks. "I was enjoying the view" he said. "Didn't you get enough of me yesterday?" I asked. "I'll never get enough of you" he said whilst smirking. I laughed and said well may we please get food?? I'm starving I complained. He chuckled and said I'm taking you out somewhere get ready he said. I obeyed him and got ran to the shower before he beat me to it "beat you styles" I said and slammed the door. "Babe hurry up" he said while knocking on the door. "God harry I just got in here." I opened the door and said "you can take a shower first since you won't stop banging on the door." "No." He said. "Well" I said "we can both take a shower at the same time" he said. "No" I said. "Fine then neither of us will take a shower." Harry said. "Harry I'm hungry please let's just get this over with." "Fine" he said finally giving up. I quickly got into the shower and took the little small bottles of shampoo they put in the bathroom I soaped up and shampooed at the same time. I was done within 10 minutes and grabbed the lotion and spread it around my body I asked harry if by any chance he still had any of the clothes I left in his car like almost a year ago. "Yes I washed it also and put it back in my car why you need it?" He asked. "Obviously" I said. Can you go get it for me I asked. "Not that I was letting you go in just a towel" he said. And walked out the room I laid in the bed and remembered everything that happened last night. It was amazing I thought to myself I smiled and the heard pounding on my door I quickly got up and opened it. Harry handed me the clothes and a hair brush and said hurry be ready in 15 we have to leave ASAP he said. I quickly got ready while he showered and picked up everything that was on the floor. I put my shoes on and saw harry was already dressed "come on let's go" he said grabbing the hotel key and turning off the lights. He pulled towards a weird exit and I realized something was happening. I ran with him and then he swept me off my feet and ran faster we gave the keys to a worker there and said "they belong to room 700 please return them for us." He agreed and we continued running harry you can put me down I said. "No." He said. "Ok" I said. We finally got to the car and he then put me down. "What the hell is happening" I questioned. "I'll tell you when we get to the restaurant" he said.

What do you think Harry's going to tell Jennifer? It's a cliff hanger but I'll post the next chapter up in a bit maybe tomorrow or later tonight! Thanks for 208 view and 50 favorites thanks so much guys I appreciate it 😘

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