the sex(baby) project (a harry styles fanfic)

"I was partnered with the person that had made me suffer he had broke me destroyed me and made me feel like a nobody." What will happen when Jennifer and Harry get paired up for the baby project? Will they end up with a BIG problem because of there actions read to find out.


12. chapter 12

*Some sexual content*

Harry's POV

She was so hot I wanted to fuck her so bad I was a man and I had "needs" needs that I needed to take care of. I told her we should get going to the car we started walking to the car and I gripped her ass I looked down at her and she was bright red it was cute. I loved her so badly I had hooked up with a few girls and non of them made me feel the way I felt around her. We got to the car and I started it. I opened the door for her and she got in. I ran to my side of the door and got in. While I was driving I was looking at her but her cleavage was just so noticeable that I couldn't concentrate I felt myself start to get hard.

Jennifer's POV

God he had such an imagination and I knew he was looking at my cleavage I saw him get hard it was funny cause he turned so red. I quickly made my move and started touching him over his pants. I teased him then I put my hands in his pants and started jerking him off. He was moaning he then did something I didn't expect to happen he stopped in a hotel near by and told opened the door for me. He told me he couldn't take it anymore he couldn't wait any longer he needed it plus it was getting late. I smirked and agreed with him we walked into the hotel and checked in we checked into a suite that was gorgeous. We got to the suite and he started kissing me he put his tongue in my mouth while our tongues dance in each other's mouth he quickly broke the kiss and started kissing my neck I could feel him getting harder it was touching my crotch he left love bites on my skin, he then told me to jump so I could wrap my legs around his waist I did as I was told and he continued kissing my neck. He found my soft spot and I moaned in pleasure "you like that baby" he whispered with his raspy voice. I smiled. He moved down to my boobs and kissed all over it seemed like his favorite spot was my boobs. He was in love with my boobs for some reason. He quickly laid me on the bed and started undressing me gently. He left me in my bra and thong. He eyed my whole body all of a sudden I felt really insecure he noticed I guess and said "you're so beautiful in every single way" I smiled he eyed me like there was no tomorrow. He quickly moved down to my lower regions he kissed my thigh I felt a weird but pleasurable sensation he left wet kissed and traced circles it had me shivering. Every touch made me feel some type of way. I loved the way he was making me feel. He took off my thong and touched my crotch he started flicking his tongue inside me "Harrrryyyy" I moaned when he touched my spot. He was gentle while doing it. He wasn't rough or sloppy he treated me nicely. He then stopped and got on top of me I said "wait" he looked at me confused I got out of the bed and told him to lay on his back he did as I told him to. I took off his boxers I bit my lip at his size it was very big. I touched him and wrapped my hands around him. He moaned I gave him a blowjob and said "all set" now we can continue. He smirked and said alright "please go gentle it's.... My first time." I said kind of embarrassed "don't worry baby better that you saved yourself for me" he said while winking. I giggled and told him to go ahead he started gently then said "tell me if it hurts a lot" he shoved him self into my slowly it hurt a little but not that much he went deeper and it hurt a lot more but it also felt good he did it again but slowly going in and out of me. Finally it didn't hurt so he could go faster it felt good. We finally orgasmed and he came in me (don't worry I was on the pill) we both were exhausted and dose off to bed after Harry complimented me for being amazing. I said not too bad yourself he chuckled and said I know you liked it. He kissed me and we were off to sleep.

Sorry it's short but I have to do a lot of Homework so I wrote it quickly! Thank you guys so much for being patient I'll try to write more tomorrow :) I love you guys so much!

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